Social Media – How to Be More Intentional in Using It

Social media is as common as air these days. I remember a time when social media in it’s earliest form was just a burgeoning concept. The good ol’ days of AOL & Yahoo chat, Black Planet, MySpace and so on and so forth.

Watching the evolution of social media right into my mobile devices has been a sight to see. With the progression of social media we’ve seen a vast and diverse community utilize it.

Toxicity Definitely Exists on Social Media

It’s no secret that with a diverse population of users that social media would be a breeding ground of opinions and commentary. Unfortunately, all commentary is not welcomed. Social media has become a place where people can say and do anything they want whether right or wrong. Bullying is passed off as “telling it like it is” and the flag of free speech is waived proudly despite who it may hurt.

There are Positive Aspects to Social Media

Despite the toxicity that exists on social media; there are positive attributes. It allows friends and family to connect with one another despite distance. Business and marketing has become accessible in a way that it wasn’t before, platforms designed to empower and educate are also available in a way they once weren’t.

Ways You Can Use Social Media More Intentionally

The good news is you can navigate it despite the bad by using it in an intentional and dare I say purposeful way. Whether you are there for business, family & friends or sharing your creative work, here are some ways to be more intentional:

  • Post the the things you want to see – Do not waste your time trying to police other people and what they put out on their platforms. Instead, you post the content you’d like to see.
  • You don’t HAVE to comment – Yes, you are entitled to an opinion. Yes, if a person posts on a public forum you are within your rights to respond. But let’s be honest, you do not have to. If you go onto someone else’s space and see they’ve posted a pic you don’t like or an opposing view of your own; you can literally scroll by.
  • Utilize the block & unfollow button – Sometimes we start out liking someone and their content and suddenly it changes. Literally unfollow that person instead of ranting. If they’ve done something so offensive to you that you want no interaction, block them. The same applies if perhaps you follow accounts that conjure up feelings of inadequacy or jealousy. Go unfollow quietly.
  • Don’t Mindlessly Scroll – It’s really easy to get lost in the void that is social media. You start out looking at one thing and suddenly you’re down a rabbit hole. Don’t be afraid to set a time limit for yourself. Are there particular pages you want to visit? Do you engage with the content that comes across your feed? Being cognizant of how we spend our ittime can help us be more intentional in our usage.

In Conclusion

Social media is sure to evolve even more as time goes on. It doesn’t have to be full of vitriol and discontent. You as a user have the ability to create the environment you want to engage in. So next time you login, think about how you’re gonna use your time and remember that you read this article!

Until next time,

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