Plus on a Budget – Amazon Fashion

If there is one thing I love it is finding plus size clothing for cheap! Nothing makes a purchase more sweet than when the final price doesn’t make me shed tears!

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And that’s exactly how I felt when I purchased the Kancystore Women Short Sleeve Plus Size Long Maxi Dress with Pockets Loose Casual T-Shirt Dress off of Amazon Fashions.


I was in search of  a basic maxi that I could dress up or down and be worn in warm or colder seasons. There’s an abundance of places that sell basic maxis, but when it comes to plus clothing most stores love to up-charge!


That’s why when I stumbled upon this Basic T-Shirt style dress on Amazon for just $23 I knew I had to take a chance! Shopping on Amazon can be hit or miss depending on who the seller is. I was careful to check out the reviews and also check their size charts to see if their measurements were commensurate with my own.


The plus to shopping with Amazon is that I’m a prime account holder so free 2-day shipping is almost always an option.

This dressed arrived Sunday morning just in time for me to try it out. It was comfortable and definitely true to size. I didn’t do too much to it by way of styling but add a duster and some cute sandals; a cardigan and a hat with cute flats or oxfords; the options are limitless!


If you want to shop the dress just click this link!

P.s  I said I was gonna reinstate the Chinese Mesh slipper back into my wardrobe in 2019 and I’ve made good on my promise!

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