TCF Style Expo is Back: 5 Reasons You Should Attend

Hello beautiful people! If you’ve followed me long enough, then you know I come to this space of mine to be honest. So when I tell you I’m super excited about The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo (TCF Style Expo) this year; you KNOW I really mean it!

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What is TCF Style Expo? That’s a question I have received a few times. I’ve actually written about my first experience which was last year. But in short summation; TCF Style Expo is a convention geared towards the plus (and now big and tall) community. The focus is to bring fashion, vendors, entertainment, and knowledge all under one roof and have it specifically be for our marginalized plus bodies!

The creator of this lovely and innovative idea is Marie Denee aka The Curvy Fashionista.


Marie is a woman who has fearlessly pioneered alongside other plus women to create safe spaces for women of plus size to be stylish, confident and fabulous in their own right. Not only does she aim to help women in the fashion arena; she really goes hard to support entrepreneurs. Very recently she sat on the panel of The Fluffy Girl Tribe’s very first event: One Size Does Not Fit All Brand Identity Workshop. I cannot wait to bring you all the recap on that at the end of the week!

So why is the TCF Style Expo worth attending?

The Fashion

Baby! Let me tell you, I loved absolutely LOVED being able to see hundreds of plus women confidently strut their stuff around the Cobb Galleria last year. There was so much diversity and style in the room and I was absolutely in awe.

Ashley Wall of Simply Curvee
Kymmi of All Around Dope Girl
AP Young of AP Young Blog

Not only were the guests fashionable, the runway was too! It was the first time they included male fashion so I am absolutely hyped to see what they bring this year!

ESPECIALLY because my hubby will be walking in the show!


The Networking

If you are an entrepreneur in the business of blogging, photography, modeling, content creating, brand building or fashion design; this is a GREAT opportunity to network. I can’t stress enough how awesome it was to facilitate business relationships with some of the people I met last year at the expo. If I were you, re-up on your business cards now and get ready for August!

The Shopping

In between the entertainment and the panels, there are opportunities to shop! Vendors from all over come to Atlanta to set up shop for the expo weekend. There’s a variety of options whether you’re looking for clothes, accessories, or a massage (yes you read that right!). I would definitely suggest putting aside a little something, something because you’re guaranteed to see an item or two that you want.


Last years vendors included: Ashley Stewart, Rebdolls, Shapely Apparel, Curvi Millieaux, Selah Boutique, and MVP to name a few. I am totally looking forward to seeing who they have vending this year.

The Information

There was an outpouring of information last year! I learned so much over the course of the two days the expo was held. Hearing from people in their perspective industries, share their stories, their journey, their lessons whether good or bad was very inspiring.




This year I’m excited because I know the different panels won’t fail to deliver. But even more exciting is the fact that Marie has included an EXTRA day for the Blogger Mastermind Session!

Photo courtesy of Pictured: Marie Denee

The Entertainment

Last year TCF brought us all sorts of entertainment including spoken word poetry, a fashion show & comedy from our hosts!

But my personal fav? Pretty Big Movement Dance Troup!

Pretty Big Movement
Photo courtesy of

They really stole the show! It was very empowering and refreshing to see a group of plus size women moving their bodies and defying  the societal narrative about what plus size bodies can and cannot do.

Although last year was my first time at the Expo; it was definitely worth all the hype! Having had the pleasure of already attending makes me that much more excited about what’s to come! So if I were you, if you’re even slightly interested; head on over to the THIS SITE and purchase your tix before they sell out! I’ll definitely be in the building, will you??




AP Young