The Loft Goes Plus- Recap

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About a week or so ago, one of my blogger baes Crystal of Society of Harlow shot me an invitation to The Loft Pop Up Shop.


Now initially, I had no clue who The Loft was [shrugs]. I don’t tend to keep up with brands who don’t include my size. However, this whole shindig was because The Loft was now extending the sizes they carry up to a 26.

I think it’s no secret at this point, I don’t wear a size 26. I was pretty amused that the slogan on their ad said: “Relax, we’ve got your size too.” Insert smirk here. I still decided to go and in silent protest, totally wore a dress from Lane Bryant from like, 5 seasons ago.

Dress: Lane Bryant| Shoes: ShoeDazzle| Clutch: Rainbow

The location was at The Loft store in Atlantic Station.  I will admit it was a pretty swanky set up!

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I totally appreciate event’s where my glass is constantly being refilled with wine and champagne. I saw a lot of familiar faces as well as unfamiliar ones. I was super happy that my partner in crime and 1/3 of TFGT was in the building with me!

I met some of the staff from The Loft, and they were beyond pleasant! What I appreciated the most is that despite the fact I couldn’t fit any of their clothes; they were interested in hearing my perspective on how they could help facilitate more change. Do I think it will happen over night? Not at all, but it was nice to be heard.

The Loft Team
Kirby, Social Media Manager

The clothing was stereotypical The Loft clothing; just in larger sizes. Clean prints, some floral patterns; very urban gentrified vibes. The feedback that I heard from the women who did try on the clothes was the need to size up.

Even though I couldn’t personally benefit from The Loft size expansion, I definitely applaud them seeing the need to extend their sizes to be plus inclusive. I am glad to see when notable and larger brands begin to see the plus size community as a consumer market worth marketing to. I look forward to seeing what they do in the future!

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  1. It looks like you had fun and I love your outfit, so stylish and it looks comfy !!! I had so much fun at the one we had here. I got to meet CeCe ( and be on her insta) lol and a blogger friend of mine Blonde in the City was there. I am part of her Bubbles and Bloggers community so it was great to see everyone together. I got two pair of pants and two dresses from the collection. As a long time Loft wearer, its very surreal to wear their pants! I even wore my old throw back loft outfit (good quality) Their tops were always roomy in their straight collection so now that they are plus im like wow I can get the smallest size in tops. I did size up in their bottoms a 20 just fit better. Its a step in the right direction.

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