Review: Elf,BH, Black Radiance,Milani O My!

Hey blogger baes and followers! If you’ve read any of my previous posts, then you will know that I am not a big makeup person. If you haven’t read any of my previous posts; well now you’re all caught up.

I popped my makeup cherry not too long ago; I even signed up for the subscription service with Ipsy so I could get familiar with different products. Anywho, I will be reviewing a few different products today so come on in!

Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1


Ok, so I’m not really a full face type of gal. I did it one time for my maternity shoot; and all I wanted to do was wipe my face off the whole time.

It is not for me! I do have a dark scar in the middle of my forehead so I  like to use concealer on those spots some days. I normally use a Cover Girl concealer; but since I had purchased a Milani Lipstick I said why not to the concealer too. I loved the way it matched my skin tone. My only complaint is that it gives that oily look after awhile. I’ve been told I needed to use a setting powder; I tried that and it still did it. So I’m thinking I won’t really be using this anymore.

Elf Dark Circle Concealer Stick


This is pretty self explanatory. And since you guys know my deep, dark secret (see the pun there?) about my circles under my eyes; it’s exactly why I bought it. It is not meant to be used as a standalone; rather as a base or a concealer for your concealer. It works lovely though I think I may need to try a different shade.

BH Cosmetics Modern Mattes Palette


I’ve always loved eye-shadow but was never really taught properly how to apply it. So the effect was always somewhere between amateur hooker and retired hooker. After a few YouTube tutorials I thought it might be time to actually own more than 2 shades of eye-shadow. I have nothing but good things to say about this palette ESPECIALLY because it was only $11! The colors are so bold and bright which I love. I’m nowhere near close to being an aficionado but I think it’s somewhere in my distant, distant future.

Elf Lash Primer


I will go full disclosure and tell ya’ll I never even heard of primer for lashes until I was surfing Elf’s website. It’s supposed to elongate and plump the lashes. It goes on white (though I’m sure you professionals know that.) I saw immediate results and was pleased to see it do what it said it was going to do. Definitely putting this in my “to keep” pile.

Black Radiance Full Effect Mascara


I am always in search of the perfect lash look! I am obsessed with lashes. I admit it! And though I love a good Kiss Poise Lash every now and then; I don’t want to apply them everyday. So I am really pleased with this particular mascara in combination with the Primer. It’s definitely, definitely worth buying again.

Milani Lip Creme Liquid Matte (Amore)


Let.Me.Tell.Ya’ll.SOMETHING hunnies! This lipstick gives LIFE! Now if there is one thing I love it is definitely lip work. Gloss, lipstick, lip balm you name it I love it. I have an affinity for liquid mattes because they are bold. But I LOVE red; that is my signature color! This lipstick is perfection. It goes on smooth, dries quickly. My only suggestion would be to moisturize your lips about 45 minutes before application. That dry feeling with matte is REAL as I’m sure ya’ll know.

So below is how my look came out when all was said and done. I topped it off with the  Tarte Amazonian Baked Clay Bronzer I reviewed from my Ipsy Bag.


I give myself an A for effort! I can’t wait to get some more practice in. What are some of your must have makeup items? Drop me links to your reviews.

AP Young