Sunday Swag: Chevron Maxi

It’s Sunnnnday! That means the weekend is quickly coming to a close! And if you’re a working fatshionista like me, that also means you’re probably headed into work tomorrow. But never fear, Sunday also means I get to bring you guys my ‘Sunday Swag’.

Today’s look is brought to you by eShakti:


I’ve owned this skirt for over a year much like the one I posted here. From the time I started shopping with eShakti I’ve been more than pleased. It is extremely difficult to find stylish clothes once you exit the 26/28 range and enter into the 30s. I’m super top heavy and my midriff is in the running to be the new Michelin Tire Man; this makes finding flattering items difficult. eShakti has taken that issue right out of the equation by servicing sizes 0-36.


As I’m sure I mentioned before, customization is available for all items. This skirt could have been midi or knee length if I wanted it to be. I have utilized that option many times before with eShakti, but in the case of this skirt I thought the length was perfection.  Also, the twirl option gives me all the lady-likness I could ask for!


Getting dressed SHOULD make you feel GOOD! I like that eShakti makes it possible for me to do just that.

I also took the opportunity to wear my Uniquely Ke Designs complimentary earrings. I thought it complimented my entire Sunday Swag and they received lots of compliments. Check her out!

Earrings from
Earrings from