DIY: Bottle Art For Mom

I’m all about DIY arts and crafts for the kids, but every so often mom gets the urge to create too! One day a few weeks ago my husband purchased a 20 Grand bottle of vodka. Needless to say it was an evening spent with me putting him to bed while he rattled off all his love for me and the children and more beating chest “I’m he-man” as he stumbled on his own two feet. Was a fun night. *insert sarcasm here*.

However, when I saw the bottle, I don’t know, I just liked it! It was pretty as far as I was concerned and I decided that I wanted to do something fun with it. This is what the bottle looked like:


Now here’s how we get to the after.


  • Sand- can be purchased in a bag at any arts & craft section of any store of your choice, I chose Dollar Tree of course 😉
  • Stones/Rocks – see above
  • Seashells – see above above


First, I soaked the bottle in warm water and soap so that I could take the labels off with ease. I let it dry out for over a week; but mostly because I didn’t purchase the items to make this until today. So, when it was time to sit down and get to work,I literally crushed up seashells with a hammer (which interestingly enough did wonders for my stress level. Banging things to obliteration…must be something behind it.) I then selected the rocks small enough to fit through the opening of the bottle. And when I had packed enough in the bottle, I poured the sand in. As a garnish; I tied the tie from around the seashell bag on the bottle. This is what I ended up with:


I’m pretty happy with it; I think it is a great compliment to my workspace!


In all it was fun for MOM to do! I do enough glittering, gluing, construction paper cutting, imagination using crafts for the kids that it was simply nice to do something for me and my interests. I plan on doing a few more with different fillings to see what I can come up with. I’m thinking an aquatic theme next time!

Until then folks…Happy Sunday!