It’s Always a Little Bit Deeper Than Just Hair- My Hair Story

Growing up I can remember my mom lining myself and my two older sisters up to do our hair. Each of us had a different grade of hair. My mom had no clue what she was doing. We usually had some rendition of braided pigtails. I remember my middle sister cried a lot because her hair was thicker and coarser. I never cried much because … Continue reading It’s Always a Little Bit Deeper Than Just Hair- My Hair Story

Pregnant While Depressed

I thought of a million ways to address this subject during the course of my pregnancy. I couldn’t figure out a way to broach the subject. Then I reminded myself about how candid I’ve always been in sharing my battle with mental health  (see this blog) and that this blog post should be no different. Let me begin but making sure I clarify that I … Continue reading Pregnant While Depressed

5 Reasons I Hate the Baby Center Forum

As most of us know at this point in our lives, the internet can be is a crazy place. With the world being made up of so many different people it’s no wonder the internet is a vast dumping ground of opinions including my own. There is one particular community I am going to give my opinion on right now, and it may even surprise you. … Continue reading 5 Reasons I Hate the Baby Center Forum

Sisterhood of World Bloggers

So I was nominated for something called the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers by the lovely Robert’s Wife! If you’re into encouraging, scriptural and uplifting posts; hers is the blog you definitely should checkout! Thank you very much for the nomination! The rules are: 1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site (tick 🙂 ). 2. Put the Award logo on … Continue reading Sisterhood of World Bloggers