I remember there was a time when I truly believed that being fat meant I couldn’t be beautiful or stylish. Every narrative ever spun to me as a child growing up overweight was: “Don’t you want to lose weight so you can be prettier?” And for a long time beauty and weight were synonymous to […]

About a week or so ago, one of my blogger baes Crystal of Society of Harlow shot me an invitation to The Loft Pop Up Shop. Now initially, I had no clue who The Loft was [shrugs]. I don’t tend to keep up with brands who don’t include my size. However, this whole shindig was […]

Whenever I’m perusing Instagram, I’m usually doing so on a prayer and with my fingers crossed that I don’t stumble upon anything I don’t want to see. As it so happens, sometimes I do just that and get fortunate enough to come across things that intrigue me. That’s exactly what happened when I stumbled upon […]

So if you were on the blog this weekend; then you know I posted a Curvy Spotlight featuring a plus size fashion line called Liv & Kiss. As I mentioned at the end of that article, I had some pieces I was going to review. Welp, here I am! Ms. Whitney (the owner) told me […]

Hey Luvs! If you peeked at my blog on Friday then you know I did some Black Friday shopping in style at the Sip and Shop ATL in Buckhead Atlanta. But of course, being the fatshionista I am; I couldn’t step out unless it was in style and comfort! Though I sometimes opt for form […]

O it is you! Looking like your beautiful self! Smile for me…yes! It’s our favorite time of the week ladies!! What do ya’ll have planned? I need to deliver the gift bag from my give away to the winner,┬ámeet up for a business meeting with my fluffy girl tribe and FINALLY get to my video […]

It is that glorious glorious time of the week my loves! That time where you slide out the door at work a few minutes early. That time you kick off your shoes as soon as you get in the car and head home. That time you come to my blog and (hopefully) get some style […]

It’s that time ya’ll!!! Yasssa! Say it with me: “FRESH FRIDAYS!” It’s that time when we let our hair down in slow motion like an old school Vidal Sassoon commercial, loosen up our buttons and pretend we’re young, single, childless and free! Unless of course you really are and then you’re not pretending! Normally, I […]