AP Review: Curve Girl

One of my biggest challenges this year was gaining an astronomical amount of weight in a seemingly short period of time; and still finding great places to shop. I’m forever seeing styles that I love, but when I click on the ‘size’ option; all too often I don’t seem my size there. Instagram has become a great way for me to discover sites that I’m … Continue reading AP Review: Curve Girl

Shop My Closet!

Every once in awhile in a lady’s life, she must purge her closet! That time in my life has come! I’ve partnered with Curvy Co., an online plus-size consignment shop that offers you affordable thrifting for the plus size lady! My closet is unique in that I resell what’s considered ‘super plus sized’ items! I currently have items sizes 3x-5x listed as well as accessories … Continue reading Shop My Closet!

SWAK: Jenny Harem Jumpsuit

Hey Luvs! If you peeked at my blog on Friday then you know I did some Black Friday shopping in style at the Sip and Shop ATL in Buckhead Atlanta. But of course, being the fatshionista I am; I couldn’t step out unless it was in style and comfort! Though I sometimes opt for form fitting clothes; I’m really a hippie deep deep down in … Continue reading SWAK: Jenny Harem Jumpsuit

Curvy Spotlight: Cystum of Curves

In this vast world of bloggers, I find myself naturally drawn to those who seem confident but honest. So I was pretty intrigued when I stumbled across Cystum of Curves on Instagram, clicked her link to the blog and found a woman very open about her journey with PCOS (Polysystic Ovarian Syndrome) and her pursuit of self love and health. I was pleased as punch … Continue reading Curvy Spotlight: Cystum of Curves

Sunday Swag: Modifying for Modesty

I know that there are many people who probably saw this title and were prepared to give me a history on feminism. Cool your jets it’s not what you’re thinking! My thoughts that I reflect are never to be imposed on anyone else; these are just things that I apply to myself and my conscious. There was a time in my life when I was … Continue reading Sunday Swag: Modifying for Modesty

Curvy Spotlight: Lorenza James by Elle Dove

As a woman who loves the art of creating, I find myself often admiring women who have a knack for bringing their ideas to life. That’s why it was a no brainer to me to sit down and chat with Ms. Le’Andra Collier; owner and designer of Lorenza James by Elle Dove. 1. What is your name?  Le’Andra Collier 2. What inspired the name Lorenza … Continue reading Curvy Spotlight: Lorenza James by Elle Dove

Sunday Swag: Society Plus Liv Trapeze Dress

It’s Sunday night, the weekend has flown by and if you’re anything like me; you are mentally trying to prepare yourself for Monday. With a drink. Sunday doesn’t have to be all bad. Many of us attend various places of worship, and I thoroughly enjoy my congregation so Sundays aren’t all bad. Whether you’re worshipping or headed out for Sunday brunch; most of us wanna … Continue reading Sunday Swag: Society Plus Liv Trapeze Dress

Dear Torrid- Representation Does Indeed Matter

This past weekend, I had an event to attend in Atlanta. I was really undecided on what to wear when it dawned on me that a little black dress is always fashionable at almost any event. I wasn’t sure where to begin looking when I remembered that Torrid had a section on their website literally titled ‘Little Black Dress’. Well duh, clearly this was a … Continue reading Dear Torrid- Representation Does Indeed Matter