The title might seem misleading, so let me clarify by saying I’m talking to myself. Why would I do that? Because sometimes I need reminders. I spent a good portion of my life being taught my body type was not worthy of love. That in order to love it I must pummel it, sculpt it […]

If there’s one thing I love about fashion, it’s how fabulous something so simple can be. That’s why the minute I saw the formal shirt dress on Curve Girl’s I just knew I had to have it. I have a love for simplistic and classy looks with a little bit of umph tied in. I […]

Well I guess there’s no secret in what this blog post is about! And let me tell y’all how absolutely excited I am. A year ago when I first attended TCF Style Expo, I never would’ve imagined that one day I’d have a platform at this event to speak passionately about something I care about. […]

I remember the first time I heard the phrase “body positive” (bopo for short). I remember thinking to myself that it was sort of an awesome way to describe what I had been teaching myself for years. Social media has obviously created a larger than life platform for the message of self love and body […]

I remember there was a time when I truly believed that being fat meant I couldn’t be beautiful or stylish. Every narrative ever spun to me as a child growing up overweight was: “Don’t you want to lose weight so you can be prettier?” And for a long time beauty and weight were synonymous to […]

Hello beautiful A-Team! Things have been incredibly busy these days so I am so glad to actually have the opportunity to sit down for a quick second to bring you some new content. A couple of weeks ago, a small boutique located in Utah reached out to me on social media and asked me if […]