So occasionally when I don’t feel like the rigamarole of YouTube editing; I go live instead. So enjoy! IF you’re not already following me on Instagram or Facebook c’mon what are you waiting for??     P.s It was later discovered the shade for the NYX lipstick was ‘Beauty Mark’. P.P.S You can’t see people’s […]

As most of you know if you’ve been following me for awhile; I am not a makeup person. At least not in the sense of knowing what I’m actually doing. I only recently started experimenting this year around July when I knew I was headed to the TCF Style Expo. Definitely wasn’t my best look, […]

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Beauties! I’m back, albeit late; nonetheless I’m here. Before I proceed, I just wanted to take a moment out to say THANK YOU! I just started beauty blogging in August as apart of my topics here on the blog; and ya’ll have been uber supportive of me! I felt pretty silly doing it […]

I had to take a moment a few days ago and truly revel in the smallest accomplishments in my blogging career. It really is quite the journey to build a brand that will eventually become a source of income. People can be fickle, or super dedicated to other bloggers, or just plain not interested at […]

I know it’s a fine time for me to be reviewing my September bag at the end of September but there’s a great little story about that. Once upon a time, My glam bag came late The end. Thank you, thank you, I can be booked for live readings! Any who, I was more than […]