Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Beauties! I’m back, albeit late; nonetheless I’m here. Before I proceed, I just wanted to take a moment out to say THANK YOU! I just started beauty blogging in August as apart of my topics here on the blog; and ya’ll have been uber supportive of me! I felt pretty silly doing it […]

I know it’s a fine time for me to be reviewing my September bag at the end of September but there’s a great little story about that. Once upon a time, My glam bag came late The end. Thank you, thank you, I can be booked for live readings! Any who, I was more than […]

After poppin’ my Ipsy cherry last month, I have to admit just how much I was anticipating August’s bag!  Ipsy got me out here low key feeling fabulous! So when my little golden bag arrived it was like Charlie receiving that ticket to the Chocolate Factory. So without further ado; here’s what was in my […]