O it is you! Looking like your beautiful self! Smile for me…yes! It’s our favorite time of the week ladies!! What do ya’ll have planned? I need to deliver the gift bag from my give away to the winner,┬ámeet up for a business meeting with my fluffy girl tribe and FINALLY get to my video […]

It is that glorious glorious time of the week my loves! That time where you slide out the door at work a few minutes early. That time you kick off your shoes as soon as you get in the car and head home. That time you come to my blog and (hopefully) get some style […]

It is the best day of the week ya’ll!! I mean we are ready right?? I know I am! I’ve had a rough week ya’ll I’m tryna tell ya! I ended up in the ER Monday and I it’s been a struggle to get right since. But, despite all that, I am here and I […]

Soooo I’m a day late and a dollar short but ya’ll forgive me right?? I promise I had a good reason. Yesterday was a bad flare up day and ya fav fat girl just had to rest. So here I am! I’m not %100 but I’m well enough to bring you my style inspo for […]

It’s Fri-Yay yaaaawl! You know what that means! Yes beauties yes! We’re off work (most of us so shout out to my weekend workers), we’re sipping wine, and we’re getting into style inspiration with moi! This Friday’s style inspirations are brought to you by my love of rompers! That’s right yawl! I am a romper […]

Good Morning Luvs! Ya’ll know it’s my favorite day of the week! It’s Fri-Yay, it’s the weekend, I can kick back and I can give you guys style inspiration! It’s a perfect day ya’ll! I’m gonna dive right in! Today’s looks are all about skirts. I love a good skirt, skirts make me feel ultra […]

Hellooooo Ladies (and possibly gents)! It’s Friday so you know what that means right? Relaxing, having a glass of wine┬áRed Stripe beer, and talking fashion! Ok maybe not for everybody but at least for me. This Fresh Friday I put together three different looks with no synchronized rhyme or reason; I just put together some […]

Good evening my fellow fashionistas! I know I missed Fresh Fridays last week but I swear I’m going to do better starting now! I was thinking a lot about how I dress when I go out for dates whether friend dates or romantic ones. The one thing I can say is present with continuity is […]