I remember there was a time when I truly believed that being fat meant I couldn’t be beautiful or stylish. Every narrative ever spun to me as a child growing up overweight was: “Don’t you want to lose weight so you can be prettier?” And for a long time beauty and weight were synonymous to […]

If there’s anything I’m thankful to my dad for; it’s definitely my love of old black and white movies! As a kid, I used to snuggle up and watch AMC (way before the days of Walking Dead) with my dad almost daily. Joan Crawford and Bette Davis are two of my favorite actresses. You know […]

It’s Sunnnnday! That means the weekend is quickly coming to a close! And if you’re a working fatshionista like me, that also means you’re probably headed into work tomorrow. But never fear, Sunday also means I get to bring you guys my ‘Sunday Swag’. Today’s look is brought to you by eShakti: I’ve owned this […]