Curvy Spotlight: StyleHaus Boutique

1.What is your name? Marie “Red” Messias 2.What is your business name? StyleHaus Boutique 3.What motivated you to open up your online clothing boutique? My passion for shopping, personal styling and all things relating to fashion motivated my desire to launch my online boutique. 4.What has it been like starting your own business? It’s been an adventure! I’ve met some great people, made some awesome … Continue reading Curvy Spotlight: StyleHaus Boutique

Curvy Spotlight: Kloset Threads

One of the dopest takeaways from various events and mixers is the actual connections you make. I’m so pleased I went to Mo McKenzie’s very first ATFB Mixer. If I hadn’t, I would have never met Vanessa; the owner of one of my favorite boutiques to shop for accessories. Meet Vanessa: What is your business name? KlosetThreads   What motivated you to open up your … Continue reading Curvy Spotlight: Kloset Threads

Sip & Shop Atlanta- A Review w/ Big Talk & AP

Good Afternoon Luv Bugs! Today I had the opportunity to shop Black Friday in a non traditional way! Allow me to introduce ya’ll to the Sip & Shop Atlanta: AP: When I received an invitation to attend I figured why not? Now, I’m not a big brick and mortar shopping type of person because I love the comfort of shopping from home in my skivvies … Continue reading Sip & Shop Atlanta- A Review w/ Big Talk & AP

Curvy Spotlight: Endia Cymone

During my venture into fashion blogging, I’ve met a lot of different people doing a lot of different things in the fashion industry. I have met several people who are in the business of styling other people in various capacities. There are virtual stylists, virtual shoppers and then there’s the classic and analog way of styling such as in person. Endia Cymone is one of … Continue reading Curvy Spotlight: Endia Cymone

All Things Fashion & Beauty Mixer 2

So if you have been following my blog a bit, then you might be familiar with the ATFB Mixer. If you’re unfamiliar, well then that’s perfectly fine too, because you can read all about it right here in this this AWESOME write-up. Ms. Mo McKenzie does it once again ya’ll! She managed to get the cream of the crop in all things fashion and beauty … Continue reading All Things Fashion & Beauty Mixer 2