Annnnnd we’re back! That’s right A-Team I am here to serve you your Big & Tall Style crush of the week! Yes it’s the 4th installment and it just does not disappoint! Okurrrt? As I’ve stated before and I’ll say it again for emphasis: Our  plus size brethren are out here trying to carve out […]

As I typed the title of this blog article, I felt myself cringe. It’s 2018 and it’s amazing that this can even be a topic. But after several of the same type of conversations with different people over the course of just the last 30 days alone; I knew it was something I was going […]

So here we are again A-Team! Indulging in a little bit of big and tall style crush because I wholeheartedly believe the big and tall community deserves just as much shine as the plus size community! I am a fan of style whether it is U.S based or elsewhere. And that’s why it pleases me […]

Hey ya’ll! Welcome back to my second installment of Big & Tall Style Crush! If you missed the first post, no worries, you can check it out here! Now that I’ve gotten all of the necessary formalities out the way, let’s jump right into it. Meet Kirklan: Blogger, photographer and Influencer extraordinaire! And did I […]