Non traditional Holiday Gifts to Really Impress

Contributed by: Brittany Everyday Thoughts This year make sure the heaping pile of gifts under the tree really impress by implementing some of these non traditional holiday gift ideas. When it comes to Holiday gift giving, the options can seem endless, and yet too often you are left with no ideas for the people on your list; it is a lot like scrolling through cable … Continue reading Non traditional Holiday Gifts to Really Impress

SWAK: Jenny Harem Jumpsuit

Hey Luvs! If you peeked at my blog on Friday then you know I did some Black Friday shopping in style at the Sip and Shop ATL in Buckhead Atlanta. But of course, being the fatshionista I am; I couldn’t step out unless it was in style and comfort! Though I sometimes opt for form fitting clothes; I’m really a hippie deep deep down in … Continue reading SWAK: Jenny Harem Jumpsuit

Sip & Shop Atlanta- A Review w/ Big Talk & AP

Good Afternoon Luv Bugs! Today I had the opportunity to shop Black Friday in a non traditional way! Allow me to introduce ya’ll to the Sip & Shop Atlanta: AP: When I received an invitation to attend I figured why not? Now, I’m not a big brick and mortar shopping type of person because I love the comfort of shopping from home in my skivvies … Continue reading Sip & Shop Atlanta- A Review w/ Big Talk & AP

Date Nights & Amazon Fashion

This past weekend had the potential to absolutely suck. I had plans to go to something really dope on Saturday, and just like that on Friday there was an inflammation flare up from Hades. Thank God for a window of reprieve and a husband who loves me. We made up for it with a quick excursion for drinks and dessert on Sunday. Of course the … Continue reading Date Nights & Amazon Fashion

Sunday Swag: Chevron Maxi

It’s Sunnnnday! That means the weekend is quickly coming to a close! And if you’re a working fatshionista like me, that also means you’re probably headed into work tomorrow. But never fear, Sunday also means I get to bring you guys my ‘Sunday Swag’. Today’s look is brought to you by eShakti: I’ve owned this skirt for over a year much like the one I … Continue reading Sunday Swag: Chevron Maxi

From Saturday to Monday – 3 Simple Looks

Ok so, I had a pretty eventful weekend and I thought I looked pretty cute even though I didn’t take official pics or anything. Since I shared them on Instagram I figured why not share them here. This is my blog after all right? On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a dear friend’s baby shower. So to keep it light and comfy I … Continue reading From Saturday to Monday – 3 Simple Looks

The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo 2017

A bout a month and a half ago, a friend of mine told me to apply for a press pass for this dope event that was coming up. Curiosity led me to check out the link only to be pleasantly surprised to find it was for The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo. Now, I’ve been a blogger for a long while, but only recently really started … Continue reading The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo 2017

Chasing Jeans: Finding my  Perfect Fit

One of my biggest pet peeves of shopping used to be finding jeans. I mean, nothing irked me more than trying to find a comfortable fit for my mommy pooch; which if I’m totally honest is more like a mommy knapsack. Thank gawd for the strides in the plus size options. Some of my favorite stores to find jeans are Torrid and Avenue. I also like Lane Bryant’s sometimes; its … Continue reading Chasing Jeans: Finding my  Perfect Fit

Style: Fun & Flirty Date Nights

This weekend was ah-mazing because I finally went on a date! Yes, dating is very vital to myself and my husband to ensure we’re getting ample time with each other to nurture this marriage machine! It’d been quite some time since we’d been able due to this hectic thing called life. We chose a great little spot called the Radial Cafe located in the Candler … Continue reading Style: Fun & Flirty Date Nights

Sometimes I’m a Lady! (Fatshionable Mommy Moments)

For a long time I was never really into fashion. I let the duties of motherhood and the anxieties of life prevent me from investing in my physical attributes. I’ve never been big on makeup or false lashes etc. I’m pretty bland when I get down to the nitty-gritty of it. Lol That being said, over the last few years I’ve stepped my mommy fashion … Continue reading Sometimes I’m a Lady! (Fatshionable Mommy Moments)