Shop My Closet!

Every once in awhile in a lady’s life, she must purge her closet! That time in my life has come! I’ve partnered with Curvy Co., an online plus-size consignment shop that offers you affordable thrifting for the plus size lady! My closet is unique in that I resell what’s considered ‘super plus sized’ items! I currently have items sizes 3x-5x listed as well as accessories … Continue reading Shop My Closet!

SWAK: Jenny Harem Jumpsuit

Hey Luvs! If you peeked at my blog on Friday then you know I did some Black Friday shopping in style at the Sip and Shop ATL in Buckhead Atlanta. But of course, being the fatshionista I am; I couldn’t step out unless it was in style and comfort! Though I sometimes opt for form fitting clothes; I’m really a hippie deep deep down in … Continue reading SWAK: Jenny Harem Jumpsuit

We Have a Winner!

My very first “Follower Appreciation Giveaway” on Instagram was a success! Today a winner was announced. Check it out below! Congratulations!!! Thank you so much for your support and participation! Contact me via DM for details on how to claim your gift! Thanks to all the sponsors @brightboldbeau @designer_elledove @klosetthreads @curvimilieux ❤💋 . . . #Giveaway #winner #followerappreciation #apyblog #plussizeblogger #fashionblogger #fatblogger #momblogger #beautyblogger A … Continue reading We Have a Winner!

Appreciation Giveaway!

I had to take a moment a few days ago and truly revel in the smallest accomplishments in my blogging career. It really is quite the journey to build a brand that will eventually become a source of income. People can be fickle, or super dedicated to other bloggers, or just plain not interested at all. So I appreciate those who have taken the time … Continue reading Appreciation Giveaway!

Sunday Swag: Modifying for Modesty

I know that there are many people who probably saw this title and were prepared to give me a history on feminism. Cool your jets it’s not what you’re thinking! My thoughts that I reflect are never to be imposed on anyone else; these are just things that I apply to myself and my conscious. There was a time in my life when I was … Continue reading Sunday Swag: Modifying for Modesty

Sunday Swag: SWAK Millie Maxi Dress

So a few months ago I created a list of 6 Places to Shop When You’re Super Plus Size. On my list at that time was a store called SWAK (Sealed with a Kiss) Designs.  At the time I hadn’t yet shopped them. One day as I was perusing my closet I realized it was time for me to start getting some new dresses. I … Continue reading Sunday Swag: SWAK Millie Maxi Dress

Plight of the Big Breasted Woman – A Small Rant

I normally don’t talk about this subject as a main topic. I may touch on it in passing. But, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t talk about the things that I was affected by; no matter how obnoxious it may seem.  So…moving forward. I was late to the blooming party. When all my classmates were budding in the 7th and 8th grade; I was … Continue reading Plight of the Big Breasted Woman – A Small Rant

No Thank You to the Politics of Blogging

These last few days have been pretty trying if I do say so myself. I under went a thyroidectomy 4 days ago to treat a rather large goiter that was growing in my neck. I have talked about my health pretty openly on this blog so in case you ever want to catch up; simply click the Health option on the menu of my site. … Continue reading No Thank You to the Politics of Blogging

Dear Torrid- Representation Does Indeed Matter

This past weekend, I had an event to attend in Atlanta. I was really undecided on what to wear when it dawned on me that a little black dress is always fashionable at almost any event. I wasn’t sure where to begin looking when I remembered that Torrid had a section on their website literally titled ‘Little Black Dress’. Well duh, clearly this was a … Continue reading Dear Torrid- Representation Does Indeed Matter

Date Nights & Amazon Fashion

This past weekend had the potential to absolutely suck. I had plans to go to something really dope on Saturday, and just like that on Friday there was an inflammation flare up from Hades. Thank God for a window of reprieve and a husband who loves me. We made up for it with a quick excursion for drinks and dessert on Sunday. Of course the … Continue reading Date Nights & Amazon Fashion