This past week, news outlets and media rocked the nation when they announced suicides from two prominent folks in the fashion and culinary industry. Across social media, outpourings of shock, concern and cries for people to check in on their loved ones were posted one right after the other. Hashtags galore instructing people to acknowledge […]

As I reflect on my 33rd year on this planet, I realize I’ve experienced a lot in a relative short amount of time. Below are 33 lessons I’ve personally learned in 33 years! 1. Mistakes will be made but they’re not to be dwelled upon. 2. Growth is a painful but productive necessity. 3. All […]

Here it is only 6 days into 2018 and I already have something on my mind that I need to put into words. And that’s ok because that’s what I’ve been doing the entire time I’ve had a blogging career. I do a lot of thinking; hard to believe sometimes since I have so much […]

Name: Tiffiany Procedure Type: Gastric sleevectomy Age: 30 Starting weight: 472 Surgery weight: 401 Current weight: 275-279 Goal weight: 180(I’d really be content at 195 lmao) What prompted you to make the decision to go for wls? In January 2015 I stepped on the scale and it said 472lbs which is a weight I’d never […]

That’s right! The awful wait is over and ya girl is fabulously cancer free! I don’t think I can ever adequately describe the fear that enveloped my mind at the thought of having cancer of any sort. I briefly discussed it here. I tried my best to take the “wait and see” approach and to […]

This morning I found myself having a conversation with a dear friend of mine whom I’ve known for over 10 years now. This conversation was prompted by a post I made: This prompted an impromptu dialogue between both of us. During that conversation she expressed her thoughts about her own struggle with depression. The things […]