Things Looking Up

The sigh of relief that came and the tears of joy that followed! Thanking Jehovah that cancer is off the table! Now to move forward with getting my #hashimotosdisease treated properly. The anxiety over my results has been lifted!!! 🙌😘🤗🎉🎉🎉 A post shared by Mrs. AP Young (@apyblog) on Jun 6, 2017 at 7:43am PDT That’s right! The awful wait is over and ya girl … Continue reading Things Looking Up

Third Times the Charm: Why I’m Mommying Better This Time Around

3 years ago I had 2 children and was pregnant with my third; abruptly my pregnancy came to an end and was devastating for my many reasons. With time, I resumed my normal life and came to the conclusion that I was just fine raising my daughter and my son. Fast forward to 14 months later; I found myself staring in disbelief at a positive … Continue reading Third Times the Charm: Why I’m Mommying Better This Time Around

Staycation Look: Romping Around

As I mentioned in my previous post; hubby and I are celebrating 8 years of marriage! We weren’t able to get out of the state; so we opted to staycation right here in Atlanta! We had no real plans to do anything but vegetate without the children, make out like high-schoolers and come up for air   go out to dinner. I wanted to do … Continue reading Staycation Look: Romping Around

There’s No Neat Way

I often separate my depression blog entries from my mommy blog. I mean, parenthood is supposed to be more about the growing pains of family life; how could depression possibly fit into that? Yea. Right. The more things change within my family dynamic I realize I can’t really separate these two facets of my life. They are determined to coexist. Postpartum is always particularly tough … Continue reading There’s No Neat Way

Unapologetic After 30

Life has always been a tumultuous journey for me; full of youthful indiscretion, good intentions gone wrong and an ever revolving door of evolving relationships. I used to think that my life was going to be me being an attorney after graduating Harvard and living in a brownstone in Boston. Funny how none of those things happened for me; but I’m not disappointed. I spent … Continue reading Unapologetic After 30

What We’ve Learned In Marriage

Today I’m doing something a little different. I was committed to the idea of sharing how I’ve learned so much through marriage, but I felt like the story would be incomplete without the input of the very person I am married to. I’d like to extend a warm welcome and introduction to my best friend and partner, Jared. Alicia:   I didn’t know much about being … Continue reading What We’ve Learned In Marriage

ADHD- The Myth and My truth

When you carry your little one snuggly under your heart, you’re envisioning their face, their 10 fingers and toes, their smell, their smiles etc. What you’re not thinking about is the possibility that one day they may hit a bump in the road and it’s not something they can just “outgrow”. You have a sneaking suspicion that something is just a little off. You begin … Continue reading ADHD- The Myth and My truth

And Just When I Thought I Had it All Together

I look up and realize I have not posted in this blog in a year. A WHOLE YEAR. Now this isn’t to say that I haven’t been blogging…but I’ve totally neglected this blog. And I guess the reality is…transitioning from SAHM to working mom means there aren’t as many crafting days with the kiddies…and parenting has not been the blast I wanted it to be … Continue reading And Just When I Thought I Had it All Together

2014 in Review

I tend to hate the whole NYE thing; it’s always rife with stereotypical new year new me rhetoric that I personally hate. This year was definitely one that proved to be a combination of things for me; mostly emotionally, which I guess is to be expected when you deal with major depression. I lost 2 pregnancies 6 months apart.It was so devastating that I left … Continue reading 2014 in Review