I remember there was a time when I truly believed that being fat meant I couldn’t be beautiful or stylish. Every narrative ever spun to me as a child growing up overweight was: “Don’t you want to lose weight so you can be prettier?” And for a long time beauty and weight were synonymous to […]

Hello beautiful A-Team! Things have been incredibly busy these days so I am so glad to actually have the opportunity to sit down for a quick second to bring you some new content. A couple of weeks ago, a small boutique located in Utah reached out to me on social media and asked me if […]

Annnnnd we’re back! That’s right A-Team I am here to serve you your Big & Tall Style crush of the week! Yes it’s the 4th installment and it just does not disappoint! Okurrrt? As I’ve stated before and I’ll say it again for emphasis: OurĀ  plus size brethren are out here trying to carve out […]

About a week or so ago, one of my blogger baes Crystal of Society of Harlow shot me an invitation to The Loft Pop Up Shop. Now initially, I had no clue who The Loft was [shrugs]. I don’t tend to keep up with brands who don’t include my size. However, this whole shindig was […]