DIY “Lava Jars”

I won’t call these lava lamps for lack of lighting. I saw this on and thought my babies would appreciate it. They have been begging for the real deal after all. Lol after doing this nifty project I’m probably going to get them some. Anyway, without further ado: Materials: Vegetable oil Country jars Water Food coloring Antacid tabs Directions: Pour the water in the … Continue reading DIY “Lava Jars”

2 Projects, 1 Night: Toilet Paper Tube Aliens & Shoe Box Hair Salon

I promise this blog is a lot cleaner than the title sounds ;-). I spent my evening doing a couple of arts and crafts with my husband, son and daughter. I gave them separate crafts to do because I thought my daughter might have found the one I did with her brother a little below her tween attention span. The crafts I did were really … Continue reading 2 Projects, 1 Night: Toilet Paper Tube Aliens & Shoe Box Hair Salon

DIY: Puffy Paint

For months I’d been saying I was going to try to make Puffy Paint with my kids. Problem was, I kept putting it off because of things like…you know…procrastination. I’d seen it on a blog somewhere and immediately thought “O that looks fun.” But as I googled puffy paint I kept coming across all these recipes that seemed far to involved  to make when I … Continue reading DIY: Puffy Paint

DIY: Making Buildings for the Boys

So, as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, I did a few different arts and crafts with the kids over their break from school. This one I’m posting is a really easy one. If your little boys are anything like mine then you know that at 6 years old, action figures are everything and so is crashing buildings. I decided to take some old lasagna noodle … Continue reading DIY: Making Buildings for the Boys

The Weekend, DIY Lipstick & Other Rants

I did not blog all weekend because I was too wrapped up in laundry, arts and crafts and sipping Moscato in between screaming children. That was my weekend how about yours? I normally use the weekends to spend time with my kiddies that I may not necessarily get to do during the week; so this blog will be a recap of that time spent. To … Continue reading The Weekend, DIY Lipstick & Other Rants