Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Self Esteem After Rape

As the idea began to formulate in my mind how to address this topic; I found myself trying to decide between sexual assault or rape. I don’t know why I was so caught up on which word to use; perhaps because it makes me cringe to say either or. I don’t talk about my rape often. I think in many ways I still have not … Continue reading Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Self Esteem After Rape

Living In Spite of My Flaws

This morning the weather was dank and rainy; as a result my body was hurting so bad I found myself in tears before I could make it to my desk. I took some Turmeric pills and some ibuprofen and settled in. Within an hour or so, I felt functional enough to stop feeling like I wanted to end it all. And this is what my … Continue reading Living In Spite of My Flaws

Things Looking Up

That’s right! The awful wait is over and ya girl is fabulously cancer free! I don’t think I can ever adequately describe the fear that enveloped my mind at the thought of having cancer of any sort. I briefly discussed it here. I tried my best to take the “wait and see” approach and to be calm; but let’s be honest, if you’ve followed my … Continue reading Things Looking Up

Dressing My Depression

When I was a kid; I wasn’t really into getting “dressed”. My parent’s finances were limited so there wasn’t a lot of option to get what was current or in style. I also was the youngest of 4 children so hand-me-downs were essential to my closet. I was also always a chunky gal for my age so there was the issue of shopping in older … Continue reading Dressing My Depression

Note to the Depressed: ARMOUR Method

This morning I found myself having a conversation with a dear friend of mine whom I’ve known for over 10 years now. This conversation was prompted by a post I made: This prompted an impromptu dialogue between both of us. During that conversation she expressed her thoughts about her own struggle with depression. The things she said really tugged on my heart strings but furthermore … Continue reading Note to the Depressed: ARMOUR Method

Dummies Guide to Depression: 6 Basic Facts

I know, I know; it would seem absurd that in this day and age that I would even need to make a plea like this. You would think with all the resources and statistics available, people would understand that depression is not simply “the blues”, or a normal sadness or a “white people’s” disease. Yet, over and over again; I find myself politely (albeit annoyed) … Continue reading Dummies Guide to Depression: 6 Basic Facts

Why I’m Failing at Self Love

I’ve fancied myself a self love guru for quite some time now. I’m here for body positive affirmations and views. I’m here for my plus size women owning their fashion, their confidence and the way the view themselves verses how society may view them. Yes, I’ve got the t-shirt, the key chain, the membership card and the size 28 pants to prove it. I thought … Continue reading Why I’m Failing at Self Love

There’s No Neat Way

I often separate my depression blog entries from my mommy blog. I mean, parenthood is supposed to be more about the growing pains of family life; how could depression possibly fit into that? Yea. Right. The more things change within my family dynamic I realize I can’t really separate these two facets of my life. They are determined to coexist. Postpartum is always particularly tough … Continue reading There’s No Neat Way

After Care: Loving Your Body After Birth

The whole time I was pregnant, I was just so excited about the prospect of my lil guy growing; I rarely thought about my body in any form outside of it being the vessel for this baby. I enjoyed watching my belly get round and though I wasn’t a fan of my nose and butt spreading; it was worth it in my mind. But the … Continue reading After Care: Loving Your Body After Birth