Curvy Spotlight: Classy But Cocky Apparel

One of the lessons I’ve learned in life is really simple- never sleep on someone. You never know what someone is made of or who or what they will become. That’s why it was of no surprise to me when a former co-worker of mine appeared in my Instagram feed a few weeks ago with her own clothing apparel line. I never counted her out … Continue reading Curvy Spotlight: Classy But Cocky Apparel

All Things Fashion & Beauty Mixer 2

So if you have been following my blog a bit, then you might be familiar with the ATFB Mixer. If you’re unfamiliar, well then that’s perfectly fine too, because you can read all about it right here in this this AWESOME write-up. Ms. Mo McKenzie does it once again ya’ll! She managed to get the cream of the crop in all things fashion and beauty … Continue reading All Things Fashion & Beauty Mixer 2

Sunday Swag: Society Plus Liv Trapeze Dress

It’s Sunday night, the weekend has flown by and if you’re anything like me; you are mentally trying to prepare yourself for Monday. With a drink. Sunday doesn’t have to be all bad. Many of us attend various places of worship, and I thoroughly enjoy my congregation so Sundays aren’t all bad. Whether you’re worshipping or headed out for Sunday brunch; most of us wanna … Continue reading Sunday Swag: Society Plus Liv Trapeze Dress

Fresh Fridays

Heeeeey ya’ll! It’s Friday and it’s Fall! I mean, allegedly. I know that if you’re from up north like me, then you are legit experiencing fall. But now that I’m in the south; it’s just another warm summer day! That’s neither here nor there because it’s our favorite day of the week isn’t it?? Which means we’re going to fall into the weekend with umph! … Continue reading Fresh Fridays

Sunday Swag: SWAK Millie Maxi Dress

So a few months ago I created a list of 6 Places to Shop When You’re Super Plus Size. On my list at that time was a store called SWAK (Sealed with a Kiss) Designs.  At the time I hadn’t yet shopped them. One day as I was perusing my closet I realized it was time for me to start getting some new dresses. I … Continue reading Sunday Swag: SWAK Millie Maxi Dress

Fresh Fridays

O Hey Friday hey! That’s right my luvs. It’s our favorite day of the week! Let you hair down, let your fupa fly free, kick off your restrictive clothing and slip into whatever makes your smile as you slay into your weekend like: Ya’ll know what today is – it’s FRESH FRIDAYS! First of all, thank you so much for those of you who come … Continue reading Fresh Fridays

Curvy Spotlight: All Things Fashion And Beauty Mixer

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of meeting with some of the who’s who of Atlanta’s fashion and beauty scene. A month ago when I first saw Mo McKenzie’s post about her upcoming mixer I was immediately intrigued. After reaching out to Mo and responding to her call for Fashion bloggers, I was invited to be a featured blogger alongside notable blogger Tr33 to … Continue reading Curvy Spotlight: All Things Fashion And Beauty Mixer

Fresh Fridays

It’s Fri-Yay y’all!! Yes hunties! Fruity drinks,  sleeping in and weekend shenanigans beckon! But of course a little style inspiration is always a plus for getting the weekend vibes right. In honor of summer’s  close quickly approaching; today’s looks are brought to you by fun and flirty dresses. Let’s bare those pretty legs and let them soak up the sun before autumn comes creeping in … Continue reading Fresh Fridays

Date Nights & Amazon Fashion

This past weekend had the potential to absolutely suck. I had plans to go to something really dope on Saturday, and just like that on Friday there was an inflammation flare up from Hades. Thank God for a window of reprieve and a husband who loves me. We made up for it with a quick excursion for drinks and dessert on Sunday. Of course the … Continue reading Date Nights & Amazon Fashion