Blogger Lessons: Stay True to YOU

Here it is only 6 days into 2018 and I already have something on my mind that I need to put into words. And that’s ok because that’s what I’ve been doing the entire time I’ve had a blogging career. I do a lot of thinking; hard to believe sometimes since I have so much on my plate to juggle with the many roles I … Continue reading Blogger Lessons: Stay True to YOU

What I’ve Learned: 2017 In Review

I haven’t done a year in review since the close of 2014. A LOT has changed since then and it’s the only reason I’m going to write one for this year. So where do I begin? Well, I started my year off with a bang when I discovered that I had a goiter growing and eventually I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism. While my … Continue reading What I’ve Learned: 2017 In Review

Curvy Spotlight: Kloset Threads

One of the dopest takeaways from various events and mixers is the actual connections you make. I’m so pleased I went to Mo McKenzie’s very first ATFB Mixer. If I hadn’t, I would have never met Vanessa; the owner of one of my favorite boutiques to shop for accessories. Meet Vanessa: What is your business name? KlosetThreads   What motivated you to open up your … Continue reading Curvy Spotlight: Kloset Threads

Appreciation Giveaway!

I had to take a moment a few days ago and truly revel in the smallest accomplishments in my blogging career. It really is quite the journey to build a brand that will eventually become a source of income. People can be fickle, or super dedicated to other bloggers, or just plain not interested at all. So I appreciate those who have taken the time … Continue reading Appreciation Giveaway!

All Things Fashion & Beauty Mixer 2

So if you have been following my blog a bit, then you might be familiar with the ATFB Mixer. If you’re unfamiliar, well then that’s perfectly fine too, because you can read all about it right here in this this AWESOME write-up. Ms. Mo McKenzie does it once again ya’ll! She managed to get the cream of the crop in all things fashion and beauty … Continue reading All Things Fashion & Beauty Mixer 2

Sunday Swag: Modifying for Modesty

I know that there are many people who probably saw this title and were prepared to give me a history on feminism. Cool your jets it’s not what you’re thinking! My thoughts that I reflect are never to be imposed on anyone else; these are just things that I apply to myself and my conscious. There was a time in my life when I was … Continue reading Sunday Swag: Modifying for Modesty

Plight of the Big Breasted Woman – A Small Rant

I normally don’t talk about this subject as a main topic. I may touch on it in passing. But, I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t talk about the things that I was affected by; no matter how obnoxious it may seem.  So…moving forward. I was late to the blooming party. When all my classmates were budding in the 7th and 8th grade; I was … Continue reading Plight of the Big Breasted Woman – A Small Rant

No Thank You to the Politics of Blogging

These last few days have been pretty trying if I do say so myself. I under went a thyroidectomy 4 days ago to treat a rather large goiter that was growing in my neck. I have talked about my health pretty openly on this blog so in case you ever want to catch up; simply click the Health option on the menu of my site. … Continue reading No Thank You to the Politics of Blogging