Tippy Tappy Co. – Atlanta Mobile Bar Service

Tippy Tappy Co. came across my radar and I found myself completely intrigued! If there’s one thing I love, it’s learning about new and innovative ways to do things; especially when it can make a task simple. That’s why when I learned about Tippy Tappy Co. I thought I should share it with my readers.

Event planning can be quite the time consuming task, there is so much to plan. Décor, seating arrangements, center pieces, cuisine, beverages and more all have priority when planning your perfect function. Tippy Tappy Co. is a company that works hand and hand with your vision while bringing the bar to you.

Yes you heard me correctly, they bring the bar to YOU. Tippy Tappy Co. is a vintage Italian mobile bar service located in Atlanta,GA.

Who is Tippy Tappy Co.

As I stated, they’re a company that provides a mobile bar service located in Atlanta GA, and it’s owned by Alice Wallace. Alice is a seasoned professional event planner who is well versed in the art of bringing a social function to life. Her love of vintage mobile bars and bubbly drinks led her to start Tippy Tappy Co.

Alice Wallace Founder of Tippy Tappy Co.

How Does It Work

1991 Piaggio Ape

When I first heard the phrase mobile bar service in Atlanta” I was a little on the fence. In my head I couldn’t quite put together why someone would need a mobile bar service when most venues are equipped with a bar. However, I took a look at their site and their Instagram and I realized there plenty of spaces where this could be useful, especially outdoor ones.

The process is quite simple to book. Once you’ve established your venue and the attendee count, you would want to contact Tippy Tappy Co. directly on their website. There are different packages available based on your particular needs. The great thing is that Tippy Tappy really wants to bring your vision to life by making sure their mobile unit meets the décor of your event. It’s best to let them know what your color scheme is so they can carefully select your balloon or floral arrangements for the unit.

It’s also important to give them as much information as possible in regards to accessing your even venue. Whether your location is outside or inside, be sure to tell them about doorway sizes, uneven terrain, hills, or other possible obstacles that may need to be worked around to get the mobile unit safely into its space.

Is Tippy Tappy Co a Fit for You?

If having a beautiful intimate celebration with a functional but aesthetically pleasing mobile bar is what you’re into, than yes. It’s no secret that the pandemic has truly caused a disruption to our lives in some capacity. The ability to gather with loved ones was one of those things that was heavily impacted. Depending on the state you live in, there are different regulations and laws in place regarding gathering together in groups for social events.

So when we get the opportunity to safely gather for special occasions with our loved ones; it feels that much more special considering the circumstances we’re currently in. If I’m going to gather with my love ones in an intimate setting; I want it to be beautiful and memorable. There is something so charming about the Tippy Tappy mobile bar. I truly love the versatility to accommodate any occasion such as bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and more. 

Personally, I’ve been secretly planning a special celebration for my husband (I know he’s never going to read this lol) and I know that it’s going to be a very small gathering. Since finding out about Tippy Tappy, I’m looking at how to incorporate them into this celebration. When I envision the perfect intimate evening with friends and family, I can’t help but think about Tippy Tappy Co being at the center. If that does happen, of course I will follow up with pictures and a review!

The Wrap Up

If you’re an Atlanta local, I hope this article has introduced you to something new and exciting for your next social function. Supporting local businesses is what helps our communities thrive, so before you go looking for some big box brand name to meet your beverage needs; I hope you strongly consider Tippy Tappy Co to bring just the right amount of elegance and charm to your event.