Fairy Tales & Second Chances – My “Prom” Date 18 Years Later

Fairy tales and second chances was not the intended topic of today’s blog. Truly, I have a content schedule, and the article I was to write for today is scheduled for next weekend now. However, it’s the eve of a pretty big day for me, and I found myself overwhelmed with emotion. So, in true writer fashion, I decided to tap into that and just go with it. No SEO concerns, no outline, no linked sources; just pure and utter emotion.

I was quite the teenager, rebellious if you ask my mom (hey mommy!). I was going through a lot at that time, so my teen angst was legit. My senior year I dropped out of high school because of my pregnancy.While I had a tough go of it for awhile, I can honestly say that my life turned out much better than expected and I feel absolutely blessed and filled with so much gratitude.

When I met my husband, there was no judgement from him about my being a mom or even having been a drop out. He asked questions about how I completed my education, asked me what my goals were and even how he could assist. At that time I knew he was a rare one but I had no idea that the best was yet to come.

Fairy tales are not a thing I’ve ever subscribed to. For one, I do not believe in magic, and two the idea that any man could sweep me off my feet was far fetched. Despite the fact that our relationship was rocky in the beginning and even in the first few years of our marriage (most of it my fault if I’m completely honest); little did I know that my own fairy tale was brewing.

Dress: Oyemwen

We’ve been through a lot, but every step of the way my husband has found new ways to love me, encourage me and make sure that I want for nothing. So when the idea of a prom date was born; I was totally on board. I’ve lamented more than a few times to my husband my regret in not completing my senior year and doing all the rites of passage activities that come with graduating; top of the list was missing my prom.

So my husband asked for my input and then he proceeded to plan. It wasn’t a secret as he wanted to me to be able to get ready. I got to plan my dress, pick out shoes, help him pick out his suit and shoes etc. I had fun the entire time. Now of course we have to get creative because we are in a pandemic panorama right now. We ended up deciding on photos at the house for which he bought a backdrop, a stay in a hotel because we need to have fun away from the kids, a nice dinner and of course my favorite; a horse and carriage ride through the city at night.

As I mentioned, it is the night before right now (but of course by the time this post comes there will be pictures) and I am so overwhelmed with happiness. Why? Because my husband of 12 years my lover and friend for 15, decided that if he could create a second chance for me he was going to do it. The amount of thought, energy and love he put not only into this moment but into me is just one of the many ways he has helped me feel worthy of love.

The world has many ideas about love, partnership and marriage. At some point I let myself be influenced by those opinions. But the reality is I found the person to who I am “evenly yoked” and that feels incredible. So say what you want or will, but I have truly gotten my version of a fairy tale and second chance; and I am filled with gratitude.

Now, back to our regular scheduled program,