Romance During a Pandemic

Romance may be the absolute last thing on a lot of couples’ minds during a global health crisis. I’ll admit, in the beginning as shelter in place began to roll out and my husband’s job became work from home; the biggest thing on my mind was the safety of my family.

In time, the routine became normalized and I was adjusted to having everyone at home 24/7. I found that this afforded both he and I more opportunity to spend with each other; so we decided to take advantage of it.

Romance Defined

I wanted to know the literal definition of romance so I plugged it into the Google search bar and came back with:

noun: romance 1. a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love.”in search of romance” 2.a quality or feeling of mystery, excitement, and remoteness from everyday life.

Per this succinct definition, it’s clear that romance is truly a feeling, but with action romance can also be used as a verb. To romance someone is to create this feeling through action.

The one thing this definition did not do is define how to romance your significant other; that’s because what’s considered a romantic gesture is subjective per individual.

Getting Creative During a Pandemic

If I’m honest, nothing hubby and I have done during the pandemic is super extraordinary. If anything, it’s the motive behind the expression that I’m most grateful for. The fact that he still has a desire to invest energy into gestures towards me is beautiful.

While many people are comfortable to venture out into socially distanced dining; that’s not something I feel is worth risking. Instead, on more than one occasion we’ve ordered pickup or delivery from our fav restaurants. We’ve dined in a Gazebo in our yard, on the back deck, at the dining room table with and without candles. I’ve enjoyed every meal no matter the location because the most important part is the company.

Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the house just for the fresh air even if you aren’t going into a fine dining establishment. We’ve taken rides together to grab a coffee, run errands, listen to our favorite playlists and just talk.

When we’re feeling financially flexible, we’ve checked into hotels locally to getaway from the kiddies and the house. Many hotels are offering great rates because of the pandemic and we’ve taken advantage of that a few times. It’s like being on our honeymoon all over again. No children, butt naked, a bottle of wine, food and the freedom to indulge in each other uninterrupted.

My favorite thing though? In the evening we have time set aside to enjoy a television show we both enjoy, foot rubs and conversation. These are the moments that I live for despite how simple they are. I didn’t always think my husband was romantic until I began to appreciate the motive behind his gestures; and now more than ever they mean so much more.

Romance is What You Make It

The reality is, romance is going to be romance with or without the pandemic. Are we all having to adjust and adapt to these new circumstances? Yes. But the notion of love, and showing romance has not and will not change.

It’s always gonna be about the effort pandemic or not.

Happy loving ya’ll!

Until Next Time,