Weight Loss Surgery – Not Thrilled How I Should Be

I know that I’ve been very transparent with my weight loss surgery journey; even the less celebratory parts. Or what most view as less celebratory, like regaining during Covid.

However, I promised myself to be transparent thru this process because I know it’s a matter many fat people ponder at some point. Whether it’s pressure from their health care team, friends or family or just themselves; wls comes up at some point.

I Was Excited… but Now I’m Not

My genuine excitement came from the proverbial carrot being dangled in front of me; HIP REPLACEMENT. I long for the day to have my mobility back to what it was. I know that having wls will get me to the weight I have to be in order for that to happen. However, being that I have fallen short of my goal, I’m just as far away from hip replacement as I was a year ago starting this process.

I went through the motions, cried, judged myself a failure…for a little while. But the pity party is over and I’m back on my grind. If you want to see my thoughts further; watch the video below for a more detailed explanation!