Is Shapewear Really a Necessity?

The other day as I was scrolling the internet streets, I saw yet another shapewear post shaming women for not wearing it under their garments. I chuckled to myself because the idea that I should have to wear shapewear is absolutely foreign to me.

I was raised by a mother who never wore a control top, or girdle as a plus size woman and regardless of that; she always looked good and put together! It wasn’t until talking with other women as an adult that I learned shapewear was this thing women felt they needed.

What is Shapewear?

For those who don’t know, shapewear is an undergarment used to smooth out and hold in place any potential jiggle. Shapewear can be found in many forms though most popular are belly smoothing, butt lifting, and thigh smoothing variations.

Why I Don’t Place Too Much Emphasis on Shapewear

I’m sure there’s a woman somewhere reading this article and vehemently disagreeing with me. And I’m perfectly fine with that as we’re all entitled to our own opinions. How I feel is what we’re talking about here on this blog though.

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I’ve always been in a large body, so I have always dressed my body the way I see fit; and comfort is of great importance to me. Shapewear is restrictive and hot as far as I’m concerned. I don’t want to be saddled by anything that is going to add to my discomfort.

The very idea that wearing shapewear is going to make or break a look for me is laughable. Mostly because I dress myself according to what I feel looks good on me. If I HAVE to put on shapewear; I probably just won’t wear the outfit. Problem solved.

I Have in Fact Worn Shapewear

Just because shapewear isn’t very high up on my list doesn’t mean that I haven’t worn it. On the rare occasion that I’ve worn a bodicon dress, I have put on shapewear. However, I’ve also not worn it under a bodicon because that’s my right not to.

Do you see what I’m getting at here?

Shapewear is Literally a Matter of Opinion

So yea, in case you couldn’t pick up what I was laying down; shapewear is not a necessity. It is a matter of choice. For some women it might be a necessity in their mind. But that’s where it ends, in their mind.

I tire of women trying to police each other’s bodies as if we’re not policed enough in society. You don’t have to agree with anybody’s choice of clothing but you can certainly do so quietly.

I know I know, social media makes a lot of people feel like they have to share every opinion when in fact you don’t. If wearing shapewear is for you and you swear by it, go for it! But trying to affect some fashion change for another woman by means of shaming them has NEVER worked.

In Conclusion

Shapewear is not going to make or break your outfit unless YOU think it is for yourself. Often times the women doing the shaming look a hot mess with or without shapewear; but they feel like they look good right? So should you. Make the fashion choices you feel comfortable with and that includes what you wear for undergarments.


Being of extended size (beyond a 24) can make it difficult to find shapewear you feel comfortable in. So the pieces I’ve featured here in this post both come from Catherine’s which carries up to a 5x. Please read size chart before purchasing. Both my full body piece shown here is a 5x and the briefs are a 4x.