Social Media- Do You Have to be on Trend?

Trendy vs. Reality

Social media has birthed plenty of trendy movements to date. Body acceptance, Body Positive, Fat Acceptance, Self Love; all of these are phrases that have become popular thanks to social media. But if you’re a person who is anything like me, you may be wondering “how does this apply to me?”

If you’re an adult and you’re reading this; then you know what’s often trending isn’t a reality. Social media truly has the ability to carry any message very far. Platforms such as Twitter and Instagram truly created a space for people to speak their minds publicly.

Once a topic begins to go viral, it is only a matter of time before mass amounts of people jump on board; possibly without understanding what they’re jumping on board to.

When a topic becomes trendy and everyone begins to talk about it and claim it; the original intent can get lost in translation. So the subject of self love or body positive may seem like this unicorn movement, sprinkled in glitter when in reality it’s so much more and way less vain.

How Can You Not Get Lost in a Trend?

Be yourself. It is literally that simple. You don’t have to parade around as if you’re some self love guru if that’s not who you are. And guess what? If you’re not, that is ok.

There is no pressure to be body positive, or accepting of your fat or anything else if that is not how you feel. These notions can seem inviting and even encouraging; but they require so much more work than simply throwing on a bikini, smiling and posing for the camera while pointing to your alleged imperfections and flaws.

Before jumping on a bandwagon, decide for yourself if what’s trending truly speaks to who you are or aligns with what you believe. Before choosing that hashtag, ask yourself if you believe it or if you’re just trying to show up in a search query.

It’s Ok if You’re Not Into That

And by “that” I mean any of the aforementioned trending movement. It’s perfectly fine if what you’re passionate about has nothing to do with a social or political movement. Navigating social media doesn’t mean you have to have a message or even utilize your platform for that.

If you’re a budding digital influencer or blogger, please feel free to be yourself; that’s what we need more of.

The Wrap Up

You always have a choice as to what you do on social media. If there’s anything I hope you takeaway from reading this article; I hope it’s understanding that it’s ok not to be on trend.