Does What We Eat Really Matter?

I remember a time when I never really consciously considered what I ate outside of “does this taste good?” Growing up in a large family, food was a necessity and my parents main concern was balance and buying what they could afford. I think it goes without saying that the affordable foods are always the least healthy ones in the store.

As I transitioned into adulthood I shopped the same; items I could afford and foods myself and my child would eat. I always thought a well balanced dinner was a veggie, a starch and a meat. It wasn’t until recent years dealing with chronic illness that I began reading about the different ways food affects the body.

There’s A Lot of Propaganda

Trying to do research really was a task! There’s a wealth of information out there on the internet. Everyone makes claims, there’s a ton of fad diets, there’s conflicting studies, and a lot of people trying to make money. It got overwhelming at times so I decided to learn things by trial and error.

Here’s What Worked for Me

I had two years where the swelling in my ankles and legs was bad. I mean, the moment my feet hit the ground I was swelling up.

Black woman barefoot with visibly swollen ankles.

I was absolutely miserable and even depressed by how much I felt my body was betraying me. Fast forward to September 2019 when I had an elevated sugar scare. At the time I didn’t know what caused it (later found out it was a medication); but it was enough to motivate me to start taking control of what I could.

I immediately cut out all processed and refined starches like flour, sugar etc. I stopped eating microwavable foods, cut out fast food, and started prepping all my meals. I started doing cardio using the recumbent stationary bike because it’s low impact for my hips. Within a week my sugar dropped substantially. By two weeks, it was within normal range. By my doctor’s checkup in December my A1c was 4.2. I’d venture to say what I was and wasn’t eating definitely did matter.

Within that time frame I didn’t even notice at first that my ankles were back to their normal state!

Black plus size woman in an off the shoulder hunter green dress with ivory floral pattern.
I Don’t Have the Answers

That’s right. I’m not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. The only thing I can do is share my experience. Your health, your genetics and your lifestyle are not all one size fits all. It’s important that you work closely with your physician and nutritionist (if you have one).

Don’t be afraid to do your own research from reputable sources! Don’t feel the need to subscribe to every suggestion or piece of advice; use discernment. If your physician has prescribed you medication please be sure to do that.

The Wrap Up

In an age when everyone claims to have the proverbial “juice”, the plug, the answer to all your health or weight problems; that’s not gonna happen here. What I encourage is listening to your body’s cues! It tells us in so many ways when something is wrong or if what we’re eating is triggering bad reactions. We can not control everything, but what we consume physically (and mentally) we do.

What’s some ways you’ve learned to listen to your body? Share down in the comments!

Black plus size woman in an off the shoulder hunter green dress with ivory floral pattern.

Until Next Time,