Event Recap: Atlanta’s Ultimate Women’s Expo

The last couple of years I’ve resided in the Atlanta Metro area I was aware of the Atlanta’s Ultimate Women’s Expo (UWEXPO). For one reason or another, I was unable to attend until this year. When I saw that they were advertising FREE tickets I felt like what better time to attend right?

This year it was held in the Cobb Galleria venue which I’m familiar with since I’ve attended events there in prior years. I knew that it would be a lot of walking; so I made sure to partner with Scootaround services once more after my great experience with them this past summer.

So let me begin this honest recap by saying, the highlight of my visit at the UWEXPO was the scooter rental. I always appreciate the ability to get around without enduring excruciating pain in order to do so. I know without a doubt when I utilize the Scootaround service I will be met with respect, kindness and equipment that works for my particular set of needs. This experience with them was no different.

One could probably be oblivious to what limited mobility really means; so it’s understandable if some don’t understand the immense gratitude I have for a service like Scootaround. They make it possible for me to be able to keep up (and even a little ahead lol) with the crowd.

Unforutnately, UWEXPO was so crowded it made it super difficult to navigate in my scooter. UWEXPO was packed as they promised in all of their advertisements. It was wall to wall vendors and wall to wall people. The problem with that? It made it really hard to enjoy what was available because of the immense crowd, and the lack of accessibility for those in mobility devices such as scooters and wheelchairs.

Accessibility was something I never gave much thought to when I was peers among the able bodied. Now it’s something I ALWAYS have to consider where ever I go. And being on this side of things has truly opened my eyes to how much of an afterthought people with physical disabilities really are when it comes to event spaces.

The way the venue was set up made navigation really difficult. Pathways were not particularly wide enough to accommodate the flow of pedestrian traffic and allow easy movement in the scooter. It was a day filled with having to say excuse me every 5 seconds and trying not to knock over anyone’s displays. That aspect of things made it overwhelming. So overwhelming that I couldn’t find the energy to actually stick around for any of the speakers lined up.

I did manage to be able to checkout some displays up close and personal and even shopped some cute jewelry from a Paparazzi vendor. It was also cool to hangout with my husband and niece who also attended the expo with me.

When we returned Sunday, we were mildly met with disappointment as the parking garage was full and the alternative parking that had been available the day before was blocked off by the county sheriff.

In all, the UWEXPO felt like a cash grab. Pile a bunch of vendors into a room to make money off they fees they paid to be there, and put very little thought into the guest experience. I’ve been to events like this before and I’m always disappointed by the lack of effort.

In all, the expo was pretty underwhelming and it’s not something I will be looking to attend again in the future unless they had a line up other than Real Housewives of Atlanta and whatever other Atlanta socialites they had featured.

I do hope that they make strides in the future to be more accommodating to those who are required to utilize mobility aids.

Until next time Ya’ll,

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