Curvy Spotlight: Nicole Chisholm

I have always been a fan of photography because I truly believe it’s art. Anyone can snap a photo these days as cameras are as accessible to us as air. However, the ability to capture a moment in time, and it tell a story is truly a craft and one I don’t take lightly.

That’s why it is my pleasure to introduce Nicole Chisholm to you all!

Self Portrait
Nikki Chisholm photo courtesy of Carpe Photography

I happen to be introduced to her Instagram page by my husband and I fell in love with her vision immediately, Keep reading to learn all about this local Atlanta photographer.

I’m Nicole Chisholm, born and raised in Wilmington, NC. However, for the past 12 years, Atlanta has continued to raise me.

“I was a huge introvert growing up and photography was my loud speaker.”

What was the reason you chose to get into photography?

I started taking photos when I was around 12, using my Dad’s handheld Sony. I was setting up my own personal photo-shoots with outfits, props and the works. I was around 18, outside of an abandoned trailer with some photography friends, when I saw a pink bear laying on the ground. I picked it up, sat it on the end of the trailer. I took a photo using my personal handheld pink Sony. I looked at the photo and was just obsessed with it. I made a conscious decision at that point to make photography a major part of my future.

 How long have you been in the business of selling prints?

I started selling prints here and there when I first moved to Atlanta. Two of my photographs were accepted into the ‘Tula Art Center – Atlanta Photography Group Gallery.’ A photojournalist contacted me about purchasing one of the photos she saw in the gallery. That’s when I thought, “Hey, I can really do this!”

Do you only shoot scenic photos or do you also shoot people?

I was really self-conscious, shy and insecure when I was younger. I found jumping behind the camera, taking photos of others, kept people from taking photos of me! So, I actually started off just shooting people. It was only a few years ago that I started focusing on landscape. I still do shoots for people, when solicited.

Did you feel intimidated or overwhelmed entering the photography industry?

I wasn’t so much intimidated about getting into the photography industry as I was excited. It was all just a lot of fun to me.

How have you been received by fellow photographers. Is it an inviting culture?

When I was first starting out, I would contact well-known Atlanta photographers to see if I could tag along on one of their shoots. I don’t recall ever receiving a, “No.” In my experience, the industry is extremely welcoming.

What other services do you endeavor to include in the future?

This year I transitioned my work to a site that allows the buyer to customize different products using my photography. You can purchase anything from comforters to phone cases. I’m excited to see where this avenue goes.

If you had to give a vital piece of advice to someone interested in entering into photography?

The best advice I can give to someone who is entering the photography industry, is to not compare your photography to someone else’s. An apple and banana are both fruit, but they’re different. You just can’t compare the two. Different people enjoy different things.

What is your ultimate goal in all of this?

One goal is to become financially free with my photography. Ultimately, I want to make a living traveling the world and appreciating it the way our creator intended us to.

What is your word of advice for any woman with a desire to begin a business or delve into an artistic hobby?

The advice I would give women is a bit cliché, but complete fact. Choose to start a business with something you’re passionate about. It allows you to be less focused on the destination, and just enjoy every part of the journey. Before you know it, you’ll look around and say, “I did that!” This industry is big enough for all of us. If the “boys” haven’t figured that out by now, they will!

Bonus Questions –

  1. Power or Empire
  • Never watched either. Sorry! *Ducks for cover*
  1. Pizza or Chinese Food
  • PIZZA!
  1. Hood dudes or Nice guys
  • Hood dudes. All day.

You can catch Nicole’s work on her Instagram page @msnikkichisholm and on her website

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