Curvy Spotlight: Brie of No Minus Plus

Have you ever met someone who’s spunk and spark were so contagious, you smile every time you see them? That’s how I felt every time Brie of No Minus Plus popped up across my timeline on Instagram.

I’ve been following this young lady for awhile now and I respect her hustle so much I thought interviewing her would be a great idea!

Meet Brie:

woman of african american descent in a two piece powder blue blazer and pant set. She is wearing white sneakers and has pink hair and wearing glasses
Brie of No Minus Plus & No Minus Us. Photo courtesy of

What was the reason you chose to be a blogger and stylist as a profession?

I chose to be a blogger because I wanted to use my knowledge of fashion to help other women that look like me. When I was a teenager, I always had trouble finding fashionable clothes that fit. Once I found different stores to shop in, different ways to style clothing, and how doing so helped with my self-confidence, I knew I had to share it with the world. I didn’t know I wanted to become a stylist until much later, but once I started my blog, my friends and family started to come to me to style them and give them fashion tips, and I loved it! So I guess you can say blogging helped me discover that I wanted to be a stylist!

How long have you been in the business of blogging and styling?

I have been a blogger for nine years, and although I have been a stylist professionally for three, I launched my styling business NoMinusUS almost a year ago.

Did you feel intimidated or overwhelmed entering into the fashion industry?

Absolutely! There were times that I didn’t feel like I was enough. And a lot of that came from me. I convinced myself that because I don’t look exactly like the women in magazines that I could never be apart of the industry. But I had to learn that Fashion is truly for everyone, and I am in this for a reason!

Where did your interest in blogging and styling come from?

When I was a Freshman in college, I came across Gabi Gregg’s fashion blog and was instantly hooked! I had no idea that there was a world where girls like me were posting fashion looks, and getting introduced to her blog seriously changed my life forever. Because of her influence, I became more comfortable with being the Diva that I always knew I was but was afraid to be. I soon felt that I wanted to be what Gabi Gregg was to me to someone else, so after a couple of months of stalking her blog and other plus size fashion blogs, I decided to start my own. I sat right at my desk in my dorm room one night, and the rest after that is history! After a couple of years of blogging, I decided that I wanted to get into the fashion industry, and at first, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I took a look at all the things I loved about fashion: how you put an outfit together, the prints, the colors, the aesthetic, and from there, I decided that being a fashion stylist was the right path for me.

How have you been received by the fashion community thus far and how would you like to see that reception grow?

 I have been received pretty well. No complaints from me! Right now, I am currently working on showing more of me online in hopes of connecting more with the world. I think that by putting myself out there a bit more, I can grow how I am received, and I am at a place where I am totally cool with whichever way that path takes me.

 What would you like to see happen with No Minus Plus and No Minus Us within the next year?

 I recently just let my audience know that I want to connect to them more by posting lifestyle content, so I hope that in a year, my audience on NoMinusPlus gets to know me a lot better. As far as NoMinusUS in a year, I am just hoping to help more people look fabulous!

If you had to give a vital piece of advice to someone interested in entering this industry what would it be?

 I would say just to do it. Know that there is a reason that you were led to be apart of this industry and allow that reason to guide you to create the fashion career that you want. When I first started in Fashion, I just told myself I wanted in. I had no clue how or where to start, but I knew this was my destiny, and to this day I still allow that to guide me.

What is your ultimate business goal?

My ultimate business goal is to change the world by simply getting dressed. If I can have all my businesses grow in a way that can help change lives and the world through my fashion and influence, I really would feel so complete.

What is your word of advice for any woman with a desire to begin a business?

My advice is the same as the advice above for entering the fashion industry: JUST DO IT! (Don’t tell Nike I stole their slogan) Of course, do the research, take the time to make a plan, but also be sure to jump in. There are so many lessons that you are going to learn along the way that no book or class can teach, and every journey is unique, so your path will be different. Take the teachings that you can get your hands on, be open to lessons that come along the way, and just do it! Oh, and also NEVER GIVE UP! Your time and season is coming!

**Bonus Questions**

Sugar in your spaghetti yes or no?

Absolutely No! Although my Mom told me recently that she secretly puts a little in her spaghetti, so who knows. Maybe I am team “Don’t let me see you put sugar in it, but I’m gonna still eat it anyway if it’s Poppin.”

Heels or sneakers?

Sneakers all the way! I am all about comfort.

More essential Highlighter or blush?

Definitely Highlighter. I love to shine!