Curvy Spotlight: Milli Femme

It’s no secret that I am a makeup enthusiast! I find myself truly enjoying learning new techniques, trying new products and admiring the work of other makeup enthusiasts and artists. That is how I stumbled upon today’s featured Curvy Spotlight.
Meet Milli Femme
Milli Femme photo courtesy of @millifemme on Instagram
To find out a little bit more about this North Carolina transplant; keep reading!
I go by Milli Femme. I am originally from Plainfield, New Jersey, which is about 20 minutes outside of Newark…. If you speed. I moved to North Carolina in 2006 to attend Saint Augustine’s University as a music student, and overall creative. I met the wrong kind of man and fell in the wrong kind of love. During this time I started working at Ulta, and blogging about beauty under the name Tenisha Jonece. I’ve also dabbled in painting, and art classes. 10 years after coming to North Carolina, I am a domestic abuse survivor, and starting over. I dived in head first, straight into makeup as a means to care for my children. I am a vendor for several skincare and color brands. I am a MUA at a makeup studio, and I work in a an exotic club, doing the entertainers makeup. 
1. When did you begin practicing the art of makeup and what inspired it?

I technically started in 2009 but I started to go in, in 2017. I’ve always loved makeup and skincare since I was 13. I remember taking my mom’s masks and giving my friends facials whenever I had the chance.

 In college, people would tell me they liked my makeup… I think they were just being kind, because my makeup was A MESS! I used to use highlighter as a foundation. What can I say? When I was a child, I did childish things 🤷🏽‍♀️
2. Did you you know that your gift was going to become your career?
Yes and no. I knew I loved it enough to play in the field, and get the lavish discount from being an Ulta employee. What I didn’t know is that it would be my main hustle and source of income. I’m capable of so much more (watercolor, paint, design, music)… But I really love this makeup thing.
3.What do you feel it is that makes your makeup artistry unique?
I love the current trends in makeup, along with the traditional aspects of maquillage and following the natural lines of faces instead of carving out new shapes, while also incorporating Asian Beauty techniques. Most importantly, I believe in skincare FIRST, makeup SECOND.
4.What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in building your platform?
Honestly, my challenges include finding the time to actually post the content I have. I’m doing so much that I hardly have any time to talk about it and share it. I think I’m actually letting down my audience by not letting them in.

5. What is a major goal you’d like to see your platform achieve?

I want to help women acknowledge and appreciate themselves and others, be it artistically, mentally, physically, or metaphysically. Everyone should feel like and love themselves. So if I can use my platform to help others, then I’d truly feel like a success.

6. How have you gone about setting goals and reaching them? 

Are we talking about the specific goal I stated before in number 5, or are we talking about goals in general? If we’re addressing the previous goal, then I’d have to say, I’m doing so by going out and actually talking to and helping other women. I help by offering makeup coaching, beauty and skincare classes, beauty and skincare referrals, and just an overall perspective of accepting yourself but also striving to be better. 
If we’re speaking on a general sense, I like to organize my life and goals based on a system created by my planner bew, Bria (@_brialynn_). She’s creating a planner for people to get their lives and goals together. I love her work. Her methods have help so much. In between juggling family and career, I need help with organization, and she’s definitely it.

7. How would you like to see your brand expand within the next 5 years?

Well, I am in the middle of launching my studio space by the end of this month, which includes adding merchandise to the brand, more makeup, new art, and more events. But, in 5 years, I want to be in a different town with 2 locations. 

8. What has been one of the most exciting times in your makeup artistry career?

To be honest, every time a client walks away feeling amazing, I get a rush of excitement. I can’t help it.

But, what I will say is, The Mansion in Fayetteville, NC, keeps me on my toes. Seriously I love my little family inside of the club. They’ve taught me a bit about business and respect, and I hope I’ve left an impression on them as well. 

9. What advice do you have for other young MUAs  who may be just beginning?

Being an MUA is about solving problems and putting out small beauty fires (If  that even makes any sense). Ask yourself, “How can I fix the current problem and achieve a look?”… Because the same methods don’t work on everyone. So, practice, practice, practice, work on your speed and your techniques, and always, always, remain creative.

*Bonus Questions**
1. Sushi yes or no?

Of course, but tempura… Lol it’s an oxymoron.

2. 90s R&B or Current R&B
Both… Sorry… I’m complicated. The words and voices from back then hit hard, but the beats and filters of today create a very sexy vibe.
3. Sneakers or Stilettos
Sneakers! I prefer comfort and I won’t apologize for it, plus I like the color variations available in sneakers.
To keep up with Milli be sure to follow her on Instagram at: @millifemme
**all photos courtesy of @millifemme on Instagram**