15 Places to Shop Extended Sizes

If you’re a plus size woman chances are you know all too well the struggle that exists in trying to find fashionable options despite the strides in the plus fashion industry. If you’re above a size 24 then you DEFINITELY know how infinitely smaller our options are than our smaller contemporaries.

Despite having limited options, we still have options! Today I am providing an updated list of places you can shop if you fall into that extended size range! So without further ado lets dig right into the list!

1. Apples Peaches Pears Boutique

Site: http://www.applespeachespears.com

Size: 0-6x

Apples Peaches Pears Boutique is an online boutique here in the Atlanta area. I had the great pleasure of stumbling upon this store when I met the owner at The Curvy Fashionista Expo this past August. If you’re a reader here then you also know Apples Peaches Pears is no stranger to the blog since I highlighted the owner on the Curvy Spotlight section. Check out her interview here.

Christian Omeshun

Site: http://www.christianomeshun.com

Size: 12-32

Christian Omeshun is an indie designer brand well known here in the Atlanta area and beyond. The owner Ashontay Hubbard has made it her business to provide full glam and ready to wear looks to the plus size community and doing it fashionably. Not only does she create ready to wear collections; she also can create custom looks too.Christian Omeshun does not disappoint.

3. eShakti

Site: http://www.eshakti.com

Sizes: 0-36

I have been shopping eShakti for at least 3 years right now. My first time stumbling upon them I was skeptical because their pricing was super reasonable for what they were offering; full customization on any piece and offering up to a size 36. I was also a bit nervous because ordering out of the country can be like playing roulette when it comes to sizing. However, after my first purchase I never looked back. I continue to shop eShakti all these years later with no disappointment.

4. Lorenza James by Elle Dove

Site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/LorenzaJamesbyElle

Sizes: 0-32+

Lorenza James by Elle Dove is not a stranger to the blog. She’s been featured here a few times highlighting her various collections designed with the larger body in mind. Always providing a casual comfort look you slip into; Lorenza James by Elle Dove is definitely worth checking out.

5. Rebdolls

Site: http://www.rebdolls.com

Size: 0-5x

Now if you’re not a newbie here to the blog; you know that Rebdolls doesn’t really need an introduction here does it? I’ve frequently worn Rebdolls over the last few years simply because they provide cute fast fashion at an affordable price and it actually holds up after a few wears. If you’re looking for a cute date night outfit or a night out with the girls outfit, Rebdolls is most likely to have you covered.

6. Richee Luxe

Site: http://www.shoprclx.com

Sizes: 0-32

Baecation Lounge Dress from Richee Luxe

Richee Luxe happens to be one of my favorite indie brands here in Atlanta. I’ve have been dripped in Richee Luxe designs on more than one occasion and I am NEVER disappointed. I always manage to turn heads and have many inquiries made when I’m wearing Richee. I love that she designs such fly, cute looks for women of size that most brands would never dream of conjuring up for us on their best day.

7. Society Plus

Site: http://www.society-plus.com

Size: 14-32


I stumbled upon Society Plus a couple of years back. They were getting a lot of burn on social media. It’s been pretty quiet since then but I found myself checking their site lately to see what cute items they had available. I was disappointed to find a lot of stuff was sold out but ultra pleased that they’re still in business. I definitely plan to shop there again soon!

8. SWAK Designs

Site: http://www.swakdesigns.com

Size: 14-36


Can I tell you guys how gleeful I am to be able to add SWAK to my list? They had been closed for a little while and they just recently reopened. SWAK is definitely one of my favorite places to shop for cute maxi dresses! I am so glad they’re back in business and can’t wait to get into some of their new collections!

9. Tara Lynn’s Boutique

Site: http://www.taralynnsboutique.com

Size: 0-6x

Tara Lynn’s Boutique is definitely no stranger to the blog as I have frequently worn her apparel and shared it here on the blog! This is a Utah based boutique and has all the girl next door vibes you can handle. I love the pretty floral maxis, cute sweaters and (my personal favorite) the rompers Tara Lynn’s has in stock. If you haven’t checked out the site before now is as good as time as any!

10. Torrid

Site: http://www.torrid.com

Sizes: 10 – 30

While my love hate relationship with Torrid still exists (and has been explained here.) I still shop with them because they make cute clothes in my size. Not only does Torrid make cute dresses, rompers, jeans and tops; they also make some really cute active wear and intimate apparel.

11. Wendy S. Collection

Site: http://www.thewendyscollection.com

Size: 1x-5x

Wendy S Collection

The Wendy S. Collection is a Florida based brand most known for their luxe vacation wear. If you have the opportunity to peruse the site you will know what I’m talking about! The brand offers flavorful, stylish, vacation wear that will make you a whole entire mood! Sometimes one of the biggest obstacles when traveling (besides airlines) is finding cute vacation attire; but the Wendy S. Collection has solved that!

12. Ashley Stewart

Site: http://www.ashleystewart.com

Sizes: 10-36

Ashley Stewart has been around for quite some time. For awhile, they didn’t carry beyond a 24; with a few options in size 28. Some time between 2019 and 2020 they began carrying up to a size 34. They may not fit everyone’s style; but they offer great statement pieces. And honestly, isn’t it really about how the individual styles what they wear?

13. Old Navy

Site: http://www.oldnavy.com

Plus sizes: 10-30

Old Navy has been around longer than I can remember. A subsidiary of GAP, for a long time in my life their clothes weren’t accessible to me. By the time they did include my sizes, I was only able to wear them briefly. With some weight loss, I’ve been able to wear their size 28 quite comfortably. In fact, Old Navy actually has really great sizing so that if you’re teetering between 30/32 it’s a strong possibility that they can be an option.

14. Eloquii

Site: http://www.eloquii.com

Sizes: 10-28

For quite some time Eloquii has been a favorite of Plus influnencers. I couldn’t attend a plus oriented event without Eloquii being a sponsor. For awhile I didn’t think they’d be an option because they weren’t; they only carry up to a 28. However, now that I wear a size 28 I’ve taken a chance on them. At this point I own 4 Eloquii pieces and I couldn’t be happier or feel more stylish wearing them. They can be a bit pricey however they often have $59 dress sales as well as coupons and sales galore.

15. Dia & Co

Site: www.dia.com/apyblog

Sizes: 10-32

Full disclosure, I am a Dia & Co Brand ambassador. I receive payment for affiliate sales when my code is used and I also receive gifted items. With that being said, I also happen to like Dia & Co. They give simple but cute styles up to a size 32. I wish that the 5x or size 32 options were as extensive as smaller sizes; but they’re not. However, they have cute basic pieces that can easily be styled and worn from casual to dressy. You can use code DIABA30 at checkout for 30% off for your first order.

In Conclusion

I hope this round up has been informative for you if you came here looking for new places to possibly shop. It’s always nice to know that in an industry where bodies that look like mine are constantly told they are not worthy of inclusion; there are still brands who rebel against that sentiment and design for bodies like mine!

Until next time,

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