My Mobility – Scootaround Review

If you follow my blog you know that I was going to be attending TCF Style Expo here in Atlanta August 9-11. This is a big event that requires A LOT of walking, so you guys know that presents a huge challenge for me. Today I want to share how Scootaround helped me meet the challenge during my expo weekend!

One of the most difficult aspects that I’ve had with osteoarthritis is the limitation that exists on my walking. I’ve shared my struggles with this process several times here on the blog. Last year when I attended the expo I had great difficulty with the extensive walking , ended up in excruciating pain and was not able to enjoy the event the way I wanted to. So when I decided to return this year, I knew I needed a solution.

The solution? Scootaround.

Who and What is Scootaround?

Scootaround is a company that specializes in “personal transportation solutions” whether you need to rent mobility equipment or purchase it.

How it Works

In my case, I needed a rental option. So once you visit the Scootaround site at you would select the Mobility Rentals tab. You select what type of equipment you need (manual, powered, wheelchair, scooter etc.) From there you browse which one you want, make your selection, fill out the quick and easy reservation form which includes the dates you need it, the time you want it dropped off and picked up and even WHERE you want it delivered.

You have the option to select insurance, complete your payment and BOOM! You’re all set. If you prefer a more personal experience you are free to call the toll free number and speak with a pleasant representative.

My Personal Experience

I had the opportunity to utilize the Scootaround service back in May; so it was an absolute no-brainer for me to use them again for the expo. Booking my rental was absolutely easy and my customer service rep was an absolute pleasure to work with.

The delivery guy who’s name is Nate is the absolute sweetest and even did me the service of driving my scooter to my garage for me so that I could have easier access.

Pictured: A blue and black motorized 3 wheel mobility scooter with a black basket attached to the front. The words Pride appear in white along the front of the seat back.
The Pride 3 Wheel Scooter Model 7081

Now, this was officially my first time using a scooter anywhere in public besides the ones inside of Walmart and the grocery store. I will be honest in saying that I was nervous. Being a person of size and with a disability is frowned upon.

However, once I got on and rode it around for a few minutes I was able to get comfortable.

The scooter was compact, but still held my weight comfortably and even had adjustable arm rests. The speed was also adjustable so I could go as fast or as slow as I wanted to. The seat was well cushioned and comfortable and the back support was great. During the times I was seated in the expo I was able to charge my scooter with the charger that was included neatly in a little pouch behind the chair.

Having the scooter was really a game changer. When you have your mobility, you don’t think about the inconvenience of being in spaces that require walking. I used to be that person. All of that changed in the blink of an eye and I found myself at a loss, depressed and feeling as if I was broken.

This year I decided I wanted to reclaim living again and gaining back my independence and Scootaround really helped me do that this weekend. The freedom that I had to be able to see all that I wanted to and not worry about how painful my steps were was amazing. When my weekend was all said and done, and I reflected on my experience I was brought to tears.

Unless you’ve been in this situation, it might be hard to fathom what this is like. Having the scooter allowed me to feel like I could enjoy myself again without needing to take frequent breaks or rely on my husband to push me in a wheelchair. For the first time in a very long time I felt like myself again. The anxiety that I’m usually battling when having to go into public spaces was gone. I cannot express enough how much relief I felt mentally.

In Conclusion

I absolutely recommend Scootaround to any of my readers who have limited mobility. Whether you have the money to purchase equipment outright, or you want to rent for special occasions such as vacation or events; Scootaround is worth exploring. I was so appreciative to stumble across them back in May. I was in a bind because another company I was trying to utilize fell through. Scootaround popped up in a Google search and the rest is history.

I know so many of the people I’ve encountered who are facing limited mobility like myself and have a fear of being shamed. I just want to remind you there is no shame in your circumstances. You deserve to live the life you have.

Thank you Scootaround for helping me take a giant step in living mine!

A plus size brown African American woman with short cut curly hair, slight smirk on her face, wearing a deep V royal blue short romper set, seated on a blue mobility scooter with black basket attached to the front.
Riding free!