Review: Big Fig Mattress

If you are anything like me, quality sleep means a LOT to you. I’ve always been a lover of sleep; but as my health took a turn for the not so great, sleep has become that much more valuable to me. That’s why it was sucking SO bad when my mattress betrayed me and stopped being comfortable for me during the end of my pregnancy.

Fast forward 3 years later, 100 bottles of ibuprofen and a lower back that can snap, crackle and pop better than any bowl of Rice Krispies; I knew it was time to look for a new bed.

The first thought that popped into my head was: I need a Big Fig Mattress.

For those of you who are not familiar with Big Fig, no worries I will get straight into that.

I first came across them at Life Style Honors 2018 and again at The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo  2018 where at that time I actually took an opportunity to try the mattress out.

A plus size black woman with short curly hair in a multicolored dress smiling happily seated on a big fig mattress that is white and navy blue. A white woman in a white big fig t-shirt and navy blue pants is seated to the right of her looking on and smiling. A tall light skin black woman is to the left in the background looking at her phone.
AP Young seated on the Big Fig Mattress display happily at the TCF Style Expo 2018.

I’m always reluctant to sit on display items because I am large and sturdiness or lack thereof is a real fear for me. I was pleasantly surprised to sit down and not feel like I was going to break the bed!

What makes Big Fig Mattress so cool is that it is designed with the larger body in mind.


Some of the differences between Big Fig Brand and other mattress brands are highlighted on their site. Here are just a few:

Problem 1 – My Mattress is Softening & Losing Comfort

Solution – Long Lasting, Hybrid Construction

Traditional mattresses have inferior components that soften over time as the materials break down. For plus size sleepers, the firmness and comfort level of the mattress can diminish within just a few months of use.

The Big Fig’s hybrid construction of high quality pockets springs and foam provides the ultimate mix of support and comfort. Individually wrapped coils support the layers of foam to maintain their shape and resilience over time.


Problem 2 – My Mattress Is Sagging


Solution High Density Foam That Retains It’s Shape


A recurring issue among bigger figure sleepers is mattress sag – those uncomfortable holes or impressions that develop in the surface of the mattress over time. The cause of mattress sag lies in the quality and density of the foam layers.The Big Fig Mattress is constructed with 3 inches of high-density foam cushioning, with a minimum density of 1.8 pcf (pounds per cubic foot). That’s over 50% denser than the foam in a standard innerspring mattress.

Problem 3 – My Mattresses Lacks Back Support

Solution – High End, Individually Wrapped Coil Spring System

That “stuck in the mud” feeling you may have experienced on an all-foam mattress is due to passive resistance foams that don’t respond to changes in pressure or body movements.

With 50% more coils than the average premium innerspring mattress on the market, our 1600 count innerspring system actively pushes back against body weight, and provides underlying support.

The issues quoted from their site were exactly the issues I was encountering with my own mattress so after reading how Big Fig was addressing those issues; I was more confirmed in my decision to own a Big Fig Mattress.

My Personal Experience

The set up was a lot easier than I expected it to be (of course hubby did the majority of the work!). It was delivered by FedEx and arrived within 3-5 days of my placing an order. It came in 3 boxes; the mattress, the foundation and the frame. After we put the foundation together we slipped the cover on that they provide to seamlessly conceal the slats of the foundation.

I could not wait to lay on that mattress and I couldn’t resist plopping myself down right after we put it together.


The Results

I was anticipating that first night of rest like a kid waiting on Santa except my Big Fig Mattress was very real!

Part of my issue with my old mattress is that it was memory foam; so after a few years it began to sag and offered very little support.  The lack of support is horrible for me especially because of the osteoarthritis in my hip, pelvis and back. Most mornings I was waking and crying simultaneously.

After just one night on the Big Fig I woke without wanting to cry. Now, the pain from arthritis will always be there; but I could not deny that after one night on that mattress it relieved me of the excess pain brought on by sleeping on my old saggy mattress!


I was afraid that it was possibly a fluke; so I hesitated to share my experience with Big Fig Mattress until I had slept on it for some time. Proud to say it’s about a month later and I love it as much as I did a month ago!

Being in a larger body often puts you at a disposition in a society that is not designed to accommodate my body. Whether it’s sitting in chairs that hurt, or not having adequate space in a restaurant; I am constantly bombarded with not fitting. I can’t even express what a relief it is to have a mattress designed with my body size in mind and created to withstand my weight and provide me with a comfortable night’s rest.

My husband is a big fella too, and we both sleep comfortably with enough space on the California King and a little room leftover when my toddler wants to finagle his way into our bed or my other son wants to come hang out!


In Conclusion

Is Big Fig Mattress worth it? Absolutely.

I’ve slept on a lot of mattresses in my lifetime. In more recent years as my weight has been at it’s heaviest; its the first time I feel confident in the support that a mattress can provide. I’m sleeping better and more comfortably with a lot less pain. If you’re in similar size situation as me or dealing with chronic joint or back pain, Big Fig Mattress is definitely an option that is worth exploring!


Until Next Time,

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