Restyling Old Pieces

Have you ever had items in your closet that are years old and you’re stuck between wanting to give them away or restyle them? That’s exactly where I was with this poplin skirt from eShakti I featured on my blog a few years ago.


I loved this skirt when I first saw it because of the stripes and the bold red color! At the time I purchased it, I was re-exploring my fashion sense post-partum and trying to find what felt like me.


A lot has changed since then including my body, my health and my sense of style. However, this piece is so classic to me I couldn’t bare to part with it; I simply put a different spin on the look by pairing it with an off the shoulder bell sleeved crop top from Ashley Stewart’s. I also put on a pair of my most comfortable sandals from Torrid to complete the look.


My goal was to link all the items shown here; but apparently they’re no longer in stock on any of the sites!

At any rate, I’m glad I didn’t giveaway my skirt and I’m actually looking forward to restyling it again for the fall!

So tell me, what are ways you like to revamp old pieces of clothes you own?

Until next time,

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