The Great Photoshop Debate

If you’re into the beauty community in any way shape or form then you know the tea has been piping hot lately.

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Whether it’s Tati Westbrook & James Charles falling out, Jeffree Star being accused of racism for the 100th time, Jackie Aina (heeey aunty Jackie) being accused of Illuminati induction post her Essence cover, or Kylie Jenner’s epic fail in washing her face with her own products; there is never a shortage of scandal available.

And that brings us to the latest debacle. Meet Princess Bellaaa aka Karla Tobie.


YouTube Beauty Guru, Instagram sensation and Facebook star has recently found herself embroiled in a bit of a scandal regarding her use of FaceTune or photoshopping. Before I dive into that; FaceTune is an app used to photoshop pictures. It’s heavily used in the beauty community with James Charles being the most recent guru to be accused of falsifying his skill with this app!

Well not to be outdone by her contemporaries; Karla Tobie found herself at the epicenter of her own FaceTune debacle when she released a photo of herself on a red carpet event looking snatched to the Beauty Gawds! Only to have photos later released from another source that tells a very different story!

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So it’s very clear and obvious that some type of photo editing sorcery has been used.  Now if we’re being honest, photoshopping is not a new thing on the block. As I stated earlier, it’s quite common in the beauty community.

So what’s the problem?

Selling a pipe dream is the problem.

If you peruse Ms. Tobie’s social media comments, you’ll see her followers and subscribers ask her plenty of times whether or not she’s editing her photos. Most times she’s clapping back as she perceives it as an insult. You’ll find a great number of her subscribers that have asked have been blocked. Even more interesting is that she has flat out denied her use of photoshopping.

Whether photoshopping is something Karla uses regularly or not is up for debate. It’s clear and obvious in this situation she definitely did.

Karla is not alone in her desire to finesse her final look. As I mentioned at the outset; photoshopping of some sort is common in the beauty community. I think it speaks to a larger issue of beauty standards set by society.

The need to perfect and curate the perfect social media extends far outside the beauty community. Those who don’t even fall into the realm of influencer utilize photoshop on the regular or overuse Snapchat and Instagram filters.

Social media is full of people afraid to be authentic while trendily using phrases such as authenticity in their captions.

Social media has made being flawed popular but only when curated with pretty pictures, filters and on bodies deemed acceptable.

Karla Tobie is a beautiful woman, and doesn’t need to photoshop herself. So what was it? Perhaps bad lighting compelled her, or maybe she didn’t like the final look and decided to clean it up. Whatever her reason, I think she’s just as susceptible as anyone else to the pressure the world puts on women to be beautiful in a certain way.

My personal opinion? (Cause ya’ll know I have one).

I’ve toyed with photo editing and I didn’t like how unreal it made me feel so I stopped. When I present a makeup photo I want ya’ll to see MY skills, that I worked really hard to learn. I also don’t want to misrepresent myself. This is also why I don’t believe in photographing with angles or editing photo’s beyond maybe adjusting the brightness so you can see.

It feels fraudulent.

Now, I appreciate those who are candid and honest about their use of editing software because at least I know you’re not trying to tell me you got this perfect look without some assistance.

The idea of presenting something as authentic that has been carefully edited makes me uncomfortable and makes influencer’s untrustworthy to me.

I understand that this subject is up for debate with people all over the world with differing opinions and that’s ok. What’s stated in my blog is simply my own.

How about you, what’s your thoughts on Photoshop? Drop a comment below!

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