Review: Z’s Naturals Organic Hair Care

Hair care has become of great importance to me as of late. With age, and health issues, everything about my body has changed including my hair. I’ve been taking a vested interest in making sure I’m taking care of my hair the best way I can. If you’re not new to my blog or any of my socials; you know that I have hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism affects so many facets of the body; skin and hair is a big one component of what’s affected. I suffer from extremely dry skin and scalp, hair thinning and loss.

When the opportunity arose to partner with a local Atlanta Hair Care brand; I seized it immediately.

Zay is a young African American woman who owns Z’s Artistry & Z’s Natural Organic Hair care products.

Photo courtesy of @zs_naturals

When Zay and I spoke, I made sure to tell her exactly what my hair care concerns were. I was so excited to receive my package which included an Organic Hydrating Shampoo Bar (retails for $15), Organic Deep Conditioner (retails for $20), Pressed Coconut Oil w/Rosemary Oil (retails for $10) and last but certainly not least the Organic Vanilla Chapstick (retails for $10).

My hair is really curly but very prone to being dry and breaking easily. My hair sheds A LOT and any type of detangling always worries me because I’m afraid of damaging it. I’ve used some of the most celebrated products I can find on the market only to be underwhelmed by the results.

I’ve been using Z’s Natural Organic Hair Care Products for a little over 2.5 weeks and I have yet to be disappointed!

First of all, the fragrance of everything smells amazing! The hydrating shampoo bar lathered in my hair immediately, even with an abundance of product in my hair. Though my hair felt really cleansed when I rinsed it; it didn’t have that typical stripped of oils feeling. In fact, my curls were really luscious and bouncy.

The organic deep conditioner was really rich and creamy. I’ve used conditioners that claim to be rich but find them to be of a watery composition. This is not a product you have to use a lot of. I let it sit in my hair for about 10 minutes. One of the things I noticed right away in my detangling process was the reduction of hair shedding. That is a huge plus in my book.

The Rosemary oil smells great and is really a light oil for the scalp. It wasn’t messy or runny and wasn’t overly heavy either. My scalp felt tingly and refreshed. Over the last 2 weeks my hair shedding has been minimal, my curls look and feel softer.

As for overall hair growth; I think it will be more than 2 weeks to see how that is coming along but I will check back in with an update.

The Vanilla Chapstick is a great formula, goes on smoothly, smells great and really softens the lips! Hubby didn’t mind kissing on me a little bit longer than usual!

In the end,  I would definitely recommend I know the price point might feel steep for some; but there  are many big box brands with higher price points and more chemicals in their product. This is truly one of those instances where you’re paying for quality.

Be sure to follow Zay on her socials at: @zsartistry & @zs_natural!

Until next time!

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