Ditching Skirted Bathing Suits

Recently I wrote a blog article about what a beach body was; encouraging my readers to go to the pool/beach and give it the body you’ve got!


I meant every word I said in that blog; so much so I’ve decided to face one of my fears head on this summer. What might that fear be you may ask. Well, it’s one many of us deal with, and that is exposing the fupa in the bathing suit.


Some of you may be scratching your head wondering what exactly the fupa is, so let me explain.

F.U.P.A= Fat Upper Pubic Area.


This is the lower portion of the belly that hangs. Fupas can come in various sizes and shapes depending on the body. My 100+ lb weight gain over the last few years made me super conscious about my fupa because it is now larger than it ever was before.


The last few years at the pool I’ve worn bathing suits unabashedly but it was conditional. I would only wear a bathing suit that had a skirt attached. I was too worried about my new friend fupa making an unwanted appearance.


Something clicked for me between last summer and this summer and I decided that I was going to follow my own advice and give the beach/pool whatever body  I was going to give it.


This was one of the most liberating photo sessions I’ve done! It’s the first time I didn’t feel compelled to cradle or cover my under belly. I’m actually looking forward to my first pool visit of the season because I’m ready to face it head on!


I keep reminding myself I’ve spent enough time in my body at various stages disliking every little flaw I could pick apart; and I just want to be done with that. I don’t expect to love every inch of my body but I certainly want to be at peace with the vessel that is carrying me through this journey.



**Both of these bathing suits were from larger retail brands but gifted/purchased via boutiques/closet sale.

Pink Suit = Jessica London (via Glamazon Fashions)

Cupcake Suit = Rebdolls Essie Golden Collection (via Love Thyself 365)

What’s your fear your tossing to the side this summer? Let me know!

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