Rebdolls: Helping Me Stay Stylish & Comfortable

If there is one consistent theme along my journey with style, fashion and navigating my life in a plus body; it is being comfortable.

I love being stylish, I love getting dressed up but I my absolute must and non negotiable rule of thumb is comfort.


Often times I find styles that look good but don’t feel good. If it requires shapewear I will skip it without question because I hate shapewear and do not feel comfortable in it.

This is one of the reasons I have been in love with Rebdolls for the last 2 years. Around this time 2 years ago I was preparing to go on my wedding anniversary staycation and I wanted to be cute and stylish.


I had stumbled upon Rebdolls because of another blogger by the name of Chasity Valentine of Garner Style Blog. I almost didn’t check them out because I was just so certain they didn’t carry my size. Well thank goodness I looked anyway because in just one click I was surprised to find they carried up to a 5x.


I’ve been shopping them ever since.

When the opportunity to collab with Rebdolls surfaced; I jumped at the opportunity because they are one of the brands I fully support because they fully support bodies like mine.


I love this Pop Up wide leg romper because it is exactly my style! It screams summer and comfort and style all in one.

I actually had a few rompers in this style from Rebdolls a couple of years ago and in a closet purge I got rid of them. Talk about regret; so I was so pleased they brought it back!

Rebdolls is affordable, they have fun and funky styles and they service extended sizes! If you haven’t checked Rebdolls out yet; take this as my recommendation to do so!

Have you shopped Rebdolls? Let me know!

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