Reminder: Mental Health Illness is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

May is Mental Health Awareness month for those of you who don’t know. Across social media; informational posts and testimonies are being shared in solidarity with normalizing mental health and ending the stigma.


Because I write so much about mental health on this blog; I was going to skip writing an official Mental Health Awareness Month post; but then I changed my mind.

It may seem like a redundant topic; but I live with mental health issues everyday. This is my life.

For so long I felt crazy, ashamed and suicidal about something that was not my fault. Being 9 years old and experiencing panic attacks, rituals that if I didn’t complete them would cause my anxiety to go through the roof, feeling hopelessness and despair before I ever reached puberty. The burden was so heavy to bear but the information that is available now wasn’t available then.

I’m 34 years old now, although I’m not cured; I am coping so much better. Knowledge, resources and CONVERSATION is what got me here.

The moment I decided to share my battle with anxiety and depression was the moment I stopped penalizing myself in silence for this flaw. Opening up allowed me to connect with many other people who were going through the same type of experiences. It was the moment I didn’t feel isolated anymore.

Mental illness can feel like a death sentence; especially when you’re struggling with it alone. I just want to encourage each and everyone of you who is reading this to keep talking about it.

Stop being silent.

Your voice can be the difference between someone reaching out for help instead of not.

Mental health awareness shouldn’t be relegated to just one month.

People should be aware every single day.

End the stigma.

Until Next Time,

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