Fashion at Any Size is Real

I remember  a time when finding fashion if you were over a size 12 was a hard thing to come by. Growing up as a teen, I was between a 14 and an 18 at any given time. While today it’s nothing to go into a store and find a Large or a 1x; that was not the case in my youth.

Now as an adult, the options have become countless. From big box brands, to online boutiques to indie plus designers; the option to be fashionable at any size is no longer a myth.

As a woman who currently wears a 5x/6x depending on where I shop; even I have options. My options may be less than my smaller contemporaries but I have options nonetheless.

Prairie Days Dress Tara Lynn’s Boutique

I guess that’s why I’m so perplexed by the chorus of women who identify as plus complaining that plus size fashion is not available.



I hate to sound dismissive but it’s simply not true. There are a plethora of options out there. Now, you may not always want to pay the prices but the fashion does exist. Even if you’re on a budget; Target & Walmart offer plus size options with their lines Ava & Liv (Target) and Terra & Sky (Walmart).

Lots of Lace Jumpsuit from Tara Lynn’s Boutique

I know for  a lot of women perhaps it’s lack of information. However, with Google being at our fingertips, the ability to locate plus fashion should not be difficult! Not to mention social media and it’s abundance of influencers and bloggers who exist and are ready to share their favorite places to shop!

Some Like It Hot Midi Dress Tara Lynn’s Boutique

Fashion is not relegated to straight sizes! It’s everybody’s right to dress as fashionably, stylishly and comfortably as they want. In 2019 let’s make “there’s no plus size fashion available” a phrase of the past!

2 Piece Ankara Set Custom Lorenza James by Elle Dove

Where are some of your favorite places to shop plus size? Share!

Until Next Time!

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