Curvy Spotlight: Bodied by Jamie

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It’s been awhile since we’ve had a Curvy Spotlight on the blog, so it’s for that reason I’m really excited to introduce you guys to Jamecia.

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Jamecia a.k.a Jamie, is the proud owner of Bodied by Jamie. I had the pleasure of being present for her company’s launch party recently and it was there that I got a bit of an education on what body sculpting is.


Prior to attending this event, I’ll be honest in saying I didn’t know much about body sculpting or laser liposuction. To be more honest, it was probably one of the last things on my list of interests. After attending her informational session I found myself in a much better place of understanding.

The beauty industry is vast and there will never be a lack of interest in people pursuing things that will make them look and feel better. I could appreciate Jamie’s desire to want to provide that option to people and it made me want to learn a little bit more.

Checkout her interview below!

What was the reason you chose the body sculpting profession?

I chose body sculpting because the benefits and results intrigued me… So i just had to try it for myself. When i did i fell in love, not only with my results but with the way it made me feel. It forced me to make a lifestyle change. Drinking water, eating healthy and light exercise.

 How long have you been in business? 

I’ve been in business since January 2019. But business is incredible and booming for me to be so new to the scene.

Did you feel intimidated or overwhelmed entering into the beauty/wellness industry?

 No. I love everything about beauty. In high school i took up cosmetology for 4 years. I Never left the house “frumpy”. Joining the beauty/wellness industry pushed me into going back to school for Esthetics to gain more knowledge and provide more services. Beauty is my passion. I love feeling beautiful inside and out.

 Where did your interest in body sculpting come from?

First, seeing it and others results. Second, desiring to make a change in and for myself. Third, to be that change that helps others. Fourth, the experience. The experience alone made me a believer. No more bloating, less digestion issues… Slimming down in the matter of minutes and more…. I love it.

How have you been received by the beauty/wellness community thus far and how would you like to see that reception grow?

 I’ve been embraced and encouraged and motivated and told by everyone how proud and excited they are.. Not only to see the business grow but because they see passion and how it inspires others. The beauty and wellness industry is so motivating…. So….. I want it to continue to grow and push and pull the greatness out of everyone who desires it.

What other certifications and services do you endeavor to include in the future? 

All medical esthetics. (Botox, fillers, micro blading, areola tattooing, permanent makeup, waxing, eyelash extensions, etc.) My vision is bigger than me. I could go on forever.

If you had to give a vital piece of advice to someone interested in entering this industry what would it be?

 Stay focused. Surround yourself with like-minded people. Never give up on your dream. Never give up on you. Continue your education. Knowledge is power.
What is your ultimate business goal?

To change lives, creating and building an empire for my kids, and making a difference… bringing awareness to all the benefits of laser liposuction and cavitation.

What is your word of advice for any woman with a desire to begin a business?

 Do it. Why not? If you can get up every morning and go to a 9 to 5 then you can invest in yourself and do only what you desire. You can be bigger and feel bigger in knowing that you are living out your purpose. Everybody who started a business was scared and skeptical but that’s only because you cant see at the end and anything that you cannot see physically touch it’s going to be scary because we are human. All good things starts with a step out on faith and if you have faith and drive then you can be successful in anything and everything that you do. Invest in yourself and be all that you can be.

**Bonus Questions This or That**
– Omnivore or Herbivore? *herbivore
– Patriots or Eagles? Eagles
– Kanye West or Taylor Swift? Kanye West


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Be sure to checkout her services at Bodied by Jamie (  and of course keep up with her on Instagram at: @bodiedbyjamie


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