Breaking the Myth of Beach Body

As a child, my mom used to bring us to this man made beach/lake in Naugatuck, CT called Hop Brook Lake. I spent a good chunk of every summer there splashing around and having a blast and never really giving much thought to a “beach body” because I was a kid and doing what kids did which was have fun.

Hop Brook Lake photo courtesy of New England Flickr

Fast forward to adulthood when the angst of being a child and being insecure is something most of us can only hope to have grown out of.

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I kid I kid I tell a little joke. The kicker is, that even in adulthood, we put these ridiculous stipulations on ourselves about what are bodies should look like. As a result, stupid phrases such as “summer body” or “beach body” have crept into our language.Subtly and subconsciously we’ve created the narrative that enjoying a fun pastime can only be done if  our bodies look a certain way.

All throughout the fall and winter people rigorously start workout plans and go to the gym so that they can have this mythical “beach body”. If they somehow fail to achieve a specific goal, they lament and swear off two piece bathing suits or anything that threatens to show a shred of flawed humanity.

The reality is, there is no such thing as a perfect beach body. Why? Perfect bodies are subjective; everyone has their idea about what perfect is even though as a human race we are imperfect (look at the oxymoron there).

In any event, no perceived flaw should keep you from going to the pool or the beach, splashing around and having a fantastic time.

Photographer: Royal_Visionz

Why should something like weight keep us from enjoying something meant to be fun and entertaining? Why should I have to worry about who might snicker or point or laugh because I’ve got excess fat on my body compared to someone else?

Photography: Royal_Visionz

I’ve spent enough years lamenting over the lack of having a model-esque body. I’ve been in my body in all it’s different phases of life for 34 years; the last thing I want to do is patronize myself for going to the beach and *gasp* wearing a bathing suit.

Photography: Royal_Visionz

I get it, I’m fat and according to many people it’s the worst thing I could possibly be. And maybe in their eyes that’s true. But not in mine, and my eyes are the only ones that matter when it comes to how my body is viewed.

Photography: Royal_visionz

So yes, while many of you will scream I’m promoting obesity, or that I don’t care about my health (all which would be false assumptions) I want to be very clear in my message that EVERY body is a beach body as long as you take your body and plant it on a beach.

Enjoy your summer folks!

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Bathing suit: Torrid Fashion