Health Chronicles: Dry Skin, Hair Thinning, Chronic Fatigue O My!

Life has had its ups and downs for me if you’ve followed this blog long enough! And even if you are new, you’ll pick up on that very quickly! A few months ago I wrote an article discussing the other symptoms of hypothyroidism besides the most talked about- weight gain. You can actually check that article out here.

Today I’ve decided to put the microscope on some of the symptoms I’ve been fighting with the most (still outside of weight gain because I’m not ready to talk about that) and how I’m fighting back.

Dry Skin

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I have always prided myself on the feminine soft of my smooth, buttery melenated skin! Hopping out the shower was a highlight of my day just so I could lather this big body up into magical lushness! So you can imagine how devastating it’s been to have not only itchy skin, but dry, flaking skin! Grrrr! There are days I can scratch and it will legit look like a Nor’easter has flown through!

Never fret though! I have been relying on a ye old faithful staple in my skin care routine. Shea butter ladies and gentlemen, Shea butter! I was first put on to raw Shea Butter back in ’04 and I have not looked back. And not the fake stuff that comes in bottles and pumps out like lotion. No, no, no! You need to get good, hard Shea Butter that comes in a tub and clearly says “Raw African Shea Butter” across the top. If you would like a softer consistency, let me put you onto a little tip: melt it down and add an essential oil. You can watch a quick 2 minute video here to see how!

Hair Thinning

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Out of all the symptoms I’ve experienced along this hypothyroid journey, I must admit that hair thinning has been the one that has caused me the most self-consciousness. I’m no stranger to chopping off my hair and growing it back and changing it up. But this last time I had to chop my locs which I had been growing for a year; it was because my hair was thinning so bad to the point I had little bald spots in my scalp.

I was devastated as I was watching clumps of my hair fall out in the shower. Now, with the adjustments of my medications, the hair loss and thinning seem to have come to a stand still. I still have a patch of thinness that seems to be taking it’s merry ol’ time to grow back in. So, I have been using Jamaican Black Castor Oil on my scalp to help stimulate hair growth. Let me tell you, it’s a slow process but it’s definitely looking better than it was. I try not to stress too much over the things that I can’t control, but I’ll be honest in saying that there has always been a connection (for me)  intrinsically  that tied my hair and femininity together.

Chronic Fatigue

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This one right here is the most draining of all the symptoms! Why? Because you can legit feel like you have absolutely no energy despite how early you go to sleep or how much you sleep. I can get a full 8 hours of sleep, wake up feeling like I’m ready to take on the world; and BOOM! An hour or two into my awake time I’m ready to crash.

I haven’t found the absolute solution to this, but, going to bed a reasonable time is helpful as opposed to going to bed late. I also take a vitamin D supplement and will be adding B12 to my regiment as well. Perhaps I can come back in a couple of months and have a better update for you all!

So, what’s some of your health struggles you’re dealing with and how are you effectively combating them?

AP Young