Fall into Change

The season of change is arriving, at least that’s how I always view fall. The leaves are changing color, days will get shorter, and the weather begins to cool down. Well, sort of, because I live in Georgia and summer weather tends to exist well into November as far as I’m concerned.


This season always puts me in a reflective mood, and has done so for me since childhood. These days I find myself reflecting on a LOT. Things have changed so much even from just a few months ago. I find myself looking at my health; mental and physical, in a new way.

My ideas on how to raise my children and address their needs is even changing. And learning how to appreciate my husband in a new way has also been on my mind heavy. I’ve been taking stock of my relationships with my siblings and my parents as well, and even with my close friends.


Yes change is GOOD, but it’s also very necessary.

Growth can be a painful thing, and while in the middle of said growth, you may find yourself frustrated by the discomfort you are experiencing. However, when you come out on the other side of that pain; the lesson you learned always proves to be powerful, especially when you take those lessons and make practical application in your life.

My depression has been looming over me like a little dark personal rain cloud these days. However, I’ve been fighting to remain hopeful and focused on the positive aspects of my life. I have to remember that it can’t be all bad.


When I went out to shoot this dress, I wasn’t necessarily feeling my best. But by the time I got out with Hubby and twirled around in this Anchor’s Away Striped Midi Dress from Tara Lynn’s Boutique; I gotta admit I was feeling myself a little bit more.


Never discount the ability to feel better just by getting dressed. I realize when I’m looking good I’m feeling good. It’s not the cure all, but it definitely helps me along the way. It doesn’t hurt that Tara Lynn’s Boutique is size inclusive and I’m able to find affordably priced items that fit my pocket and my body.

Though this dress dropped in her summer collection, it can easily be transitioned into the fall season with a cut cardigan and stylish tights. As I mentioned above, it still feels summer here anyway!


So how does fall make YOU feel? Drop a comment and let me know!

AP Young